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What custom fonts would you want to buy?


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I like sign DNA fonts, but which ones would you want to buy? Also Signfonts are cool.

What other custom sign fonts would you buy if you could?



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Any LHF by Arthur Vanson, especially Chesham Sans.
His work is classic.
Chuck Borges has a cool script called "Bounce" on LHF too.
I love the Sign DNA stuff too, especially the Bob Behounek scripts.
And Bill Krupinski has some cool casuals.
They also feature some of Tramp's and Crazy Jack's work.
Signfonts are GREAT! My fave is Snapper Script. Also Sign Gothic.
The Fontry has the Alphabets of Atkinson or the Alf Becker package for a traditional look.
And it's been so long since I got my Mike Stevens stuff that I don't remember who makes them!
But they are wonderful.
I generally avoid using prismatic fonts because I feel they are a fad, but Sign DNA has some nice ones if that's your taste.

Lonely Fisherman

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I love most of the fonts from Letterhead and Signfonts... They're all very nice but I can't really say that I prefer one over the others...

SignDNA is probably my favorite vendor for fonts. I'm absolutely addicted to using them in my signs. I have a whimsical nature to me so it's fun to play with the more cartoony (sp) fonts and the bolder fonts. I've whipped up quick banners and truck door signs with some of those fonts and it really catches the customers eye.

I guess they all have their place in the sign world.....



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I try to buy a font or font family a month. I dig House Industries, Font Bureau, Letterhead Fonts and a few on Veer. I'm also a fan or Rian Hughes (Device Fonts) and Font Diner. I probably need to buy a few on Sign DNA and Sign Fonts but have not got around to getting them yet.

The Vector Doctor

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Rick, you have a very good taste for fonts, I appreciate that. I do like the fonts from Veer, especially some of the newer ones. They cater to some of the most current crop. Fontfont and Fonthaus also produce/carry many of the newer fonts that you see in logo and brochure/magazine design.

Beautiful new scripts can be found at Veer. Typesetit from Rob Leuschke are also nice scripts.

Fontdiner is great for retro looking fonts.