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What type banner material do you use the most?

What banner material do you use most? (For vinyl, not printed)

  • Pre-Grometted Rolls

    Votes: 15 13.0%
  • Premade Fully Hemmed and grommetted

    Votes: 56 48.7%
  • Grommetted and Hemmed In-House (tape hemmed)

    Votes: 16 13.9%
  • Grommetted and Hemmed In-House (sew hemmed)

    Votes: 3 2.6%
  • Plain Material, Grommetted and Hemmed In-House

    Votes: 25 21.7%

  • Total voters
Not so easy for us. It depends on the application, the customer's budget, and the appearance that they are looking for.

We wish we could say scrim (for inventory concerns) but that is not always true. Scrim is great for all-around outdoor, but in some instances can also look tacky - therefore not always desired.


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Sorry, I thought he just wanted to know what was used the most often. We have many types in stock and order quite a bit, but for the most part, whether we're doing digital print or cut vinyl... scrim is used the most in our shop.
Gino - Why apologize???? That IS what he asked. I apologize that I did not make it clear that we do not sell one more than another - the requests seem to run in trends.


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It truely depends on application of banner in terms of material used. Generally nothing under 12oz but with our climate conditions here we like to see 14oz.. Again it also depends on clients budget as Pro Signs stated...


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16 oz scrim

finally got some decent banner tape, so we tape-hem the ends... & grommet through an extra 1" square of 16 oz scrim along the top & bottom (thanks for that technique Fred)

I did just buy several rolls of pre-hemmed & grommetted 13 oz stuff though. Before my printer, that was all I ever used... never had complaints about grommets pulling out... some did of course, but as a temp signtype, people were getting the life expectency they anticipated.

Sometimes I still do simple one color banners with cut vinyl & the cost of the pre-hemmed stuff makes it worth the time saved on not having to do our own hems & grommets.


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We use 10, 12 and 16 oz. depending on the application. Tape hem and gromments. Indoor banners we use powertape from Feller's on the top and gromments.


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for banners that are with applied vinyl we get 10 oz quick blanks from supersign mart. that are already hemed and grommeted.

for the digital printed banners, we use 13oz super smooth by GMI and hem with tape and put in the grommets ourslefs.


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Bantex 16 oz scrim. 2 rolls today!

We have a local upholstery shop hem the edges. Then we grommet.


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I have an old potato bag sewing machine that I picked up in trade that is awesome because it rolls the hem and sews it at the same time. I'm linited to a ladder stitch (which means if the stitch gets broken anywhere it all comes out) but I can repair the stitch for free and dirt cheap.

I have a foot operated grommet machine I got out of a warehouse sale and had refitted from a snap setting die to a #2 grommet die, way better than hand operated because i can use two hands to position the material.

I use 200 denir DuPont Solarmax nylon like they use for flags. Most banners are text only and the text it made from the same material and applied with a Pfaff 1500 5 h.p. sewing machine with applique attatchment.

These are designed for repeated use at large auto racing venues and are usually hung from the grandstands and are weighted sinched at the bottom. There is a 4" canvas drag edge at the bottom and a 4" canvas header at the top, both have a 1/8" aircraft cable reinforcement inside.

It's not every day you make a banner that requires the use of bolt cutters ;)


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We use a combination of 14oz smooth blockout banner and 13oz Scrim banner, depending on the job. We have a couple shops that seem the banners for us and we grommet in house.


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I like ordering from fedders the 14oz banner with hem grommet and webbing in the hem. Its a good idea to stock some standard sizes ln white 14oz and two sizes of scrim. Special order all colors or double-sided banners. They're in town and provide excellent service.


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I just buy the roll now because I print 99% of may banners now. then I either tape and grommet or I have a guy that will sew it up for me.


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12 1/2 oz pre hemmed and pre grommited banners, I get them from my supplier within a few days (i can pickup stock of 3foot banners, but any other size needs to be custom made)


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Simply due to the nature of most printers, I don't think that you even CAN print on a pre-grommeted banner...I know I sure don't, nor would I even try it.

Personally, I use 38" wide and 54" wide Ultraflex 13 oz. rolled banner material for just about everything I do now.


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We print on the material, but before its been grommeted.

Load media.... print..... cut..... hem..... grommet. That's the routine.

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You're last poll option threw me a bit, what's "plain material"?

For cut vinyl banners I buy roll stock 14 oz. Banner Max from Fellers in
36" - White, Yellow, Blue & Black
48" - White, Yellow, Blue & Black
60" - White, Yellow, Flour. Orange, Red, Blue & Black

For digital printing I buy 13 oz. Vyjet scrim banner material from Fellers in
30" - White

Most banners recieve taped hems & grommets unless sewn hems are necessary.