Where can I find one of these?

Hi all,

I have a customer that is looking for a lighted sign like the one in the picture. Can anyone tell me where I could find one? Or at least point me in the right direction? I have spent all morning searching my suppliers and i haven't found anything that even comes close.


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is this in a mall? if so, are there other signs made like this? they may have been designed and built for the location and aren't a stock item. are those chaser lights around the sign frame? is that what lights or is the sign also internally illuminated? if you need to match this, send the photo to your sign cabinet fabricator to see if they can make it. it plugs in rather than is hard wired so it may be a stock frame of some kind, but I've never seen this one before.
Marlene...I have no idea where the picture of this sign was taken. My customer sent the picture to me and asked if I could find one like it. I haven't made any signs like these, so I don't have a sign cabinet fabricator that I can talk to. Do you have one in mind that you can refer me to? But, I do know that my customer wants this sign outdoors or on the side of their building.


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try looking in the merchant member section of the site and ask a cabinet fabricator if they can amke one of these. it looks like something they might have bought online or at a big box store. I'm thinking this because it plugs in and isn't hardwired which I would expect to see if a sign company did, but then again, who knows. it also looks lke there are chaser lights around the frame. unless the customer can tell you, there isn't anyway from the photo to know if they just light up or if they really do chase. also, this sign might have just regular light bulbs inside if it lights internally. the best you can do is just match it up as a custom made cabinet unless anyone else here knows what this is. good luck


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The sign was probably custom made for Domino's by a local guy wherever that picture was taken. Someone not following the company's logo, colors, style or layout most likely just slapped some stuff together and put those bulbs on there to create some peripheral eye movement.