Where can I get this Shape


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So I guess since it is Monday I am fumbling but I have spent the last hour trying to draw this simple shape (my pen tool must be mad at me) because I don't have it in Flexi does anyone know if there is somewhere I can just get this shape or what it is called so I can search for it.


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It's a sign shape.
There are a lot of these sign blank shapes available online as vector art.
Or just draw a rectangle, overlap an oval, weld, then node edit.


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Need to either get friendly with beziers, or do like I did and draw a square, then a circle, combine them and delete 2 nodes.

4 variations attached.


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A designer I'm not!

How would you create the same shape smaller to use inside that sign as a rule running around the whole thing? When you do a basic scaling, it changes the aspect.


+1 draw shape and offset path
you can also obtain the same effect by adding a stroke to the original shape, outlining it, and then deleting one of the two shapes created by the stroke.

simple vectorization, but you're not alone. I have to train every designer that comes through our shop that just simply copying a rounded rectangle and enlarging it behind the original shape will not maintain a matching radius.