Where to buy printhead for Mutoh


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One of my printheads crapped out and I need to get a replacement fast. I'm in the middle of a job. It's for the Mutoh Falcon II Outdoor, and I'm located in Portland, Oregon.

Does anyone know where I can get a printhead for a good price - fast?




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Thanks guys. Unfortunately, I'm sure the head is in trouble. They've been dying for a while, and I recently had 2 of them changed and now the Yellow is crapping out. After a zillion cleans, it's still streaking like crazy on the test prints. I've tried cleaning it on the ultrasonic cleaner, and although a lot of gunk came off, it didn't help a whole lot.

Also, it's "dripping" Not sure if that's the correct term, but basically ink would accumulate during the print cycle, and eventually drop on the media. I've cleaned all around the head, and checked for any lint or dirt that might do that but nada. Fortunately, the last few jobs were on vinyl with lots of white background so I was able to clean the ink drops off after printing but now I have a wrap job that is full coverage.

So I'm gonna have to spend another chunk to get a new head.
The dripping is a common problem. but the problem may be the wipers, not the head. Have you replaced the wipers? Do they work properly?

The settings for ink density may be off a little allowing more yellow to be used. also check the yellow feed line for air leaks.


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I buy mine from Signwarehouse.com .... Call and ask for Ron, he will get the part for you.........