Who says Scooters ain't Sexy


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wow, some wicked custom paint there....i guess that answers the age-old question of what does one get when you cross a Hayabusa with a Vespa. Had no idea they did all that to scooters....crazy.

Craig Sjoquist

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1st one was cool, the second one look futurist, after that well useless on our roads except for show some looked cool most about same and why spend that kinda cash on a scooters, scooters no less, they have a limited life span, and value is to low.

If your gonna spend money buy something that has value like a Harley and you can keep it your whole life then hand it down still running.

Sign Works

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I ride a Japanese scooter and love mine!

That's one hell of a scooter ya got there maniac, love mine too, even after flying off a cliff last year.


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Sign Works

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I knew you would get the reference! Sorry you took the plunge:(

Thanks, all is well....well kinda. My body took one hell of beating for an old guy but such is life, I sure as hell ain't gonna spend it with my *** in a recliner and a remote in my hand. The pic above is my replacement Busa, pretty sweet huh? an 05 with 1,900 miles. The wrecked one is being rebuilt primarily for Land Speed Racing, I'm going to attempt to enter the Official 200 MPH Club, should be pretty exilarating.


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The 200 mph club is fun. I hit the 250 mph club! :) but that was in a head down dive from 15,000' though, haha....Speed is such a good drug!!