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Your Ebay Experience

What Has Been Your experience at Ebay?

  • I have both sold and bought items there

    Votes: 218 68.8%
  • I have bought items there

    Votes: 66 20.8%
  • I have bid on but never bought items there

    Votes: 9 2.8%
  • I have been there only

    Votes: 22 6.9%
  • I have never been there

    Votes: 2 0.6%

  • Total voters


I have an ebay store now and i been selling for almost a year now. For the money they take from me its not bad it like renting a store in a mega million online mall. I do hate there customer service thou there useless they dont know anything at all, i would expect much better service for the money i m paying and they dont care your just another 100 million customer. I also noticed that there are few trick to having your stuff sell more i havent found them yet, but I wonder if anyone else noticed that .

I do have to say becareful buying expensive brand names and electronics from ebay, alot of it is cheap stuff from china, on the other hand alot of other stuff that comes from china is really good deal for the prices. I do try to buy north american when i can. I been looking to sell car decals on ebay but i see one guy from hong kong selling the stuff for cheaper then it would cost any of us to make . The stuff looks really cheap, he is just ruining it for everyone else.


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I agree with Artgirl. E-bay was a great source for buying items from individuals before it gained popularity, however over the years it has developed into a site for shops to market their merchandise at a nominal fee. It still remains a good source for goods if your are educated on what you are looking for and willing to sift through all of the noise to get at the deals. Make a great day for yourself!


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I had a cousin that needed some fast cash around Christmas, and her husband won a PS3 right before Christmas at the company Christmas party. They called me to see if I knew anyone that would want to buy it for $200. I said sure, cause I figured if nothin' else, I'd use it for that much. Well, picked it up from her later that day, wrote a check, put it on ebay when I got home, had it bought in 15 minutes, had the money in my account from selling it before my cousin even cashed the check. $200 for about 10 mins work. Not too bad.


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Ebay is great, I have bought and sold many things of different price and quality. The closest thing to a hosing was I sold a kinda beat up 1961/62 Les Paul Special (Looks exactly like an SG) that was beat, I described everything that was wrong with it. I figured I would get 200 bux, but it sold for 3 times that. The guy who bought it, well he was not honest and tried to get me to send him 200 bux, after his girly girl friend had paid for it. This is what happened: he loved the guitar until he started bragging at some local music store who told him the color was not original… HA! They busted his chops then he comes back all pissed. It was funny, and honor to get a negative from him.
I sold my very valuable 1968 HiWatt 50 watt Head amplifier, that was the best, where Marshalls were a kitten this was a tiger, a real king of an amp the sound was unreal! Sold it quick.
Have bought tons of old software (I'm a sucker for that stuff!) and sold some hardware. Been good.
My wife sold enough to move us from Nashville back to CT (its a God story if anyone is intersted, sorry Bob!), and that was great. For a short time we were getting Money Orders every day, my wife was going to the airport post office, it was a real kick.

Always look out who you are buying from…

My vinyl cutter took a while to get and I had to really work to get it to be functional, starting with a PC program and a Mac Graphtec serial Cable! Cutter also made so much noise, I had adjust the way the bar, and I can't believe it cuts so nice (Slow speeeds only).

I'm still looking for FontCHameleon Pro 1.5 Mac or PC and Pixar Typestry Looks CD that is unlocked…


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I've sold on ebay since the mid 90's. I used to just sell my handmade knives on there.

More recently I've been selling some of my printed t-shirts on there. The key is to find something that nobody else is doing. Then, give great service and a great price and you will get repeat buyers.

I have a 100% approval rating right now on ebay. I've done it by quick shipping and a great product that nobody else offers on ebay.

BUT EBAY FEES SUCK!!!!!!! They make 1/3 of my profits by the time you figure ebay and paypal fees.

But, I do make a small amount of money on ebay, not as much as if I could deal with the people direct without ebay's fees. But, it gives you world wide exposure without having to maintain a website.

Consider this. If you are trying to reach more people than just your local market the first thing you are going to do is create a website. Your probably going to pay for said website and spend hours every week maintaining SEO and just the site in general. That takes lots of time you could be doing something else. Or, you're going to pay some company to do those things for you.

So, by the time you figure all of the money it cost to maintain a website both in hosting fees, seo company fees, and lost hours of your time maintaining it, ebay really isn't that bad.

There are several tricks to selling on ebay. But, it too takes time to maintain your ebay presence. I just consider it as one avenue to reach more people. Yes, you have to pay for their services. But you will gain more business. Plus, at least for me, I can set up a listing in ebay much faster than trying to maintain a website. But, I sell the same type of items all the time on ebay and when they sell just click relist and "PUFF" it's relisted.

Just my .02....When most people want or need to buy something they will go to ebay first! Esp. when online shopping in the comfort of their own home. I hope to get their business. I've had several repeat customers from out of state that I never would have had if it weren't for selling on ebay.

So, for me, it works.

Sorry such a long post.:Oops:


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the new feedback system on ebay sucks, if you sell once or twice a month, getting poor feedback (not even negative!) can restrict your account.

...but i still use it.