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Your Ebay Experience

What Has Been Your experience at Ebay?

  • I have both sold and bought items there

    Votes: 218 68.8%
  • I have bought items there

    Votes: 66 20.8%
  • I have bid on but never bought items there

    Votes: 9 2.8%
  • I have been there only

    Votes: 22 6.9%
  • I have never been there

    Votes: 2 0.6%

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Graphic Language

New Member
We've both bought and sold on ebay. Some good experiences, some bad.

I sold an XMPCR (XM Radio for a PC) that was used for 1 month before they pulled them from the market (someone figured out how to rip MP3's from them). I paid $19.99+SH for it when I got it, it sold for $300+S/H within 3 hours of listing it. If you have something that's the current "Cabbage Patch" or "Furby" it'll sell for rediculous prices... people will get into bidding wars. I've sold some "yard sale" personal stuff that was probably collector stuff for teh right people... some of these items might have fetched 25 cents at a yard sale, but we got what we purchased or more for them on ebay. Collectables go really well on there.

I've bought a lot of parts for my kid's racing atvs.. happy results except for one time that I took a chance and got burned for $15 (the part was not what we had hoped for). I got our Credit Card terminal on there used for less than half of what they go for new.. ours looked new, even had the protective sheet over the display.

We've sold some stuff on there in the past... Item's that we listed whit a starting bid that we would make a small profit on didn't get looked at. If we started the items way low, we'd get bids, but we'd be lucky to break even. We had some banners and mag signs out there, but they didn't get bid up, and were not really worth our time, so we've given up on that. About the only thing that we can make money off of is some RTA stuff that we use vinyl scraps to make. We've got some standard stuff that the local MX and quad guys get, so there's no design time.. just load up some scrap, cut, weed and tape. We can get about $3-4 for a 6x6 decal or $9-11 for a 12x12 plus s/h. these are things that we do when we're not busy or or in the evening when bored.



New Member
I attempted to sell signage there, but unless it's at give away prices, forget about it!
I've sold some personal items there. I've bought a handful of computer components on eBay, but mainly when I think computer parts, I think NewEgg.com.
I don't like eBay sign makers. There's no secret about that. I view them as stealing the crumbs from my mouth. I've been fighting over crumbs my whole life, that's just the way I see things.
From what I've seen, you have some REAL LOSERS on eBay, a few examples of mediocrity, and people (like me) who believe that they can sell a sign product like this at a profitable price and then give up after a while. I just can't go down to $20 for a 2x4' banner. Just isn't worth the effort, maybe $25, here in the shop they are $3.50 a sq. ft. That's a simple one color on 8 oz white. I try to always upsell to 10oz (which only costs a little more) for $4 a sq. ft. once they touch the material it's easy. You can't feel the material on eBay. Likewise magnetics I use 100 psi, not 85psi. You want to say it on eBay, I used good materials, my designs are good, this is good value... but it translates into "he's higher priced, screw him" there.
There is hardly a day when somebody doesn't mention eBay to me trying to brow beat me on my already cheapest-in-town prices.
eBay bugs the crap out of me, but I'd rather not get into details on how I handle it specifically.


New Member
i've yet to encounter a customer referring to seeing something on eBay, but if it does happen i'll say good luck and happy bidding... that's not a customer i'd want anyway. that's a one time, one shot, $10 job. how many of you guys have had these people come back for other things? maybe i'm missing the point of that one customer, but come on. of course, i'll cut/paint/airbrush anything for anyone, any size, any time, b/c you never know what they might need tomorrow? but if someone was to throw ebay in my face, i'd have to respectfully decline the job.


Graphic Language

New Member
Out of the few banners and mag signs that we sold on ebay, we have had 2 repeat customers that purchased items from us at our regular price. We've writen up some nice little 8.5x11 fold in half flyers with a product list, some prices and specials that we may be running. We toss one in each order and carry them around with us to hand out. If they like what they got, they know how to get back in tough with us again.

One guy that got banner from us on ebay also called back and had us make him a set of mag signs at our regular price. Another customer that bought a banner has ordered another banner and 10 coroplast signs... I think she was trying to get the 2nd banner for the ebay price, and we told her that we could not honor that price for a regular order, and we thought we had lost a sale... a few days later, she called back and ordered the 2nd banner and coro signs. These 2 panned out, even though they got their ebay orders way lower than we would have liked to see them go, we did sell some items at a regular price and may see future sales from them.

I will say that we got some odd ball customers to go along with these ebay sales... one guy ordered mag signs for his snowplow in April (If it had been April 1, we would have thought he was pulling our legs). Also, the ebay customers don't read the descriptions which can be very aggrivating... we would list a banner or mag sign with 1 color graphics and they'd want multiple... if we said no logos or clip art, they'd want us to vectorize a 96x64 jpg.

For those of you "patroling" ebay... get a hobby, get a grip, maybe some
medications.. it'll all be OK.:peace!:



New Member
My son & I buy a lot of things on Ebay. Never had a problem
getting adjustments or product. I buy all my printer ink on ebay. Epson photo 820--less than $10 a cartridge and glossy photo paper for presentations. Same in supplier for 21 years--order on Monday have by Friday.
Ebay is the best tool to find the value of an item.:thumb:


Jen Goodwin

New Member
I bought some digital optical audio cables and a Sony phone. I bought the phone because it was a particular phone we had and loved. All the electronic stores around here stopped selling Sony phones...when ours died that was the only one we wanted and Ebay was the only place we could find it. The phone only lasted about 6 months...oh well. That's it for me, anytime I really wanted something, I got outbid at the last second...I'd rather just go buy it. Noone is there waiting to snatch it out of my hands at the last second and run to the checkout with it! :Big Laugh

Graphic Language

New Member
Jen Goodwin said:
I'd rather just go buy it. Noone is there waiting to snatch it out of my hands at the last second and run to the checkout with it! :Big Laugh

You have not shopped at the Wal-Mart by my house on December 24th then:biggrin:



New Member
I've been selling on eBay since February 1999. Although I have bought several items, most notably my Summa D60, I am a seller. I've sold everything from Winter Olympic pins, Fossil Watch tins, Victoria Secret bikinis, Harley gas tanks, Sunbeam popcorn poppers all the way up to a $9,000 Hobie 21 catamaran sailboat and many other items. I have had only a few problem buyers in all that time. As a seller, I've never lost money. As a seller, you have to honest, clear, descriptive and rapid communication is essential. I have a feedback rating of 1101 and it's 100% positive.
My eBay name is rycpirate.
I have looked into selling RTA vinyl which I am very interested in. I am not ready to start yet, but will be under the Decal_Designs name when I do. My interest is not in doing Calvins and the like, but rather in designs I make myself using the raster to vector method of producing cut decals. I have so much to learn still, but enjoy it very much. Right now I'm starting over and reading every single help page of Vinyl Master Pro.

I'm very familiar with eBay and it's positives and negatives. After doing some research on a few other choice RTA sellers on eBay which I keep track of, and analyzing their feedback ratings, multiplying their lowest priced sales by the % of feedbacks left which is only about 60% of all sales, figuring in eBay fees and materials cost and the small profit made on shipping and handling for each sale and many of these sellers are pulling in well over $30,000 a year net just on eBay RTA. It's a lot of work, but it is profitable. These sellers that I keep track of are mostly selling things other than Calvins and No Fear type stuff.

This is a major portion of what I want to do, but not limited to it.

When looking at vinyl signage in general on eBay, it gets tougher to make a good profit on banners and coroplast etc. However, it must not be overlooked as a source of sales and contacts for future signage. The tricky part is coming up with something unique for eBay at the right price and still make a profit. For eBay, profit has a lot to do with volume and also up-selling and cross-selling your new contacts using flyers, price lists, websites etc. There are many ways to automate much of this volume as a seller so it's not as overwhelming a task.

If you make something you think is fairly unique, sell that. That is what ebay buyers will pay more for.

Also, it is wise to separate your volume RTA sales from your other eBay sales. Selling anything in volume is bound to get some negative feedback. It is harder to satisfy every last person with RTA stuff.

Jen Goodwin

New Member
Graphic Language said:
You have not shopped at the Wal-Mart by my house on December 24th then:biggrin:


Oh yeah, very true about Wally World - especially on Dec. 24th :Big Laugh Too funny!!


New Member
when i first got started i sold a lot on ebay , now i sell a select number of items that i know will sell , all my own work, last month i did my own survey and ebay is only 5% of my sales , 25% is repeat cus, and the rest is all word of mouth business,so in a way all my ebay money goes back into it for the fees and for my other hobbys( trains and nascar)


New Member
im a power seller on ebay and it can go a bunch of different ways. 1 to sell cheap little decals you have to give the stuff away to sell it barely worth your time. 2 if your creative you can clean up!!!! i started selling window flames last summer on ebay 11X16 cut out of avery etch material selling for 80 bucks a set ive sold over 200 sets you so the math. but on the other hand ive run into the 20 dollar magnet deal also and simply tell my customer 1 you don't know who your buying from 2 after waiting days if you don't like the product your pretty much stuck with it. after a few minutes unless here really cheap you can sway them to buy from you . but it does hurt and always has peaple asking questions on how you arrive at pricing , and how can this guy sell it cheaper. on one good note though a few weeks ago i had an ebay magnet make it to my shop garbage!!! cheap magnet cheap vinyl and enough bubbles to float the titanic!! ill post a pic soon i have it in my shop to show customers what they get on ebay.


New Member
I'm a regular buyer on Ebay. It took me two years, but I bought ALL of my screen printing equipment and supplies on Ebay at a fraction of the price you would pay for new or even used. I did buy my new supplies like inks and coatings from retail, but everything else.. from squeegees to the printers and dryers came from Ebay. Mind you, I wasn't in a hurry, and was willing to wait a couple of years before I got the heavy equipment at a good price and close to my location.
Only ever got ripped off once, and a year later when I had tracked the guy down and sent an old boys rugby team to his house, he came through with the Epson printer. (It was a 3000). And this guy lived 1200 miles from me.
Bought my cutter on Ebay as well, but again, for the vinyl, I like to see it up close so I buy that new at retail.


New Member
I buy and sell on eBay all the time but only collectibles.

You have to be a little savvy when it comes to reading descriptions and you had better know what you're buying. There are some undesireables on there but for the most part, the majority of eBayers are reputable. My biggest beef is eBayers marking up shipping costs beyond what is necessary.

I have an extensive baseball card and post card collection that I am constantly upgrading and building, without eBay, there is no way I could have amassed the collection I have today.

My only bad experience was the purchase of a reprinted Mickey Mantle rookie card that was sold as "the real thing." After some wrangling, I was able to get my money and shipping costs back. The card had been altered to remove the reprint information and it wasn't until I weighed the card that i discovered the abnormality. The purchase was through a long time reputable company that had recently been sold to a less desireable owner for the sole intent to defraud people. The new owners have a two year lease on a very small office in a federally sponsored program now!

My best experience was the purchase of a bulk lot of baseball cards for $100. I was able to assemble a complete set of 1972 Topps in VG-EX condition (about $1300 retail at the time) and found 50+ cards in the $10-$20 range. This single purchase has more than covered all my losses on eBay!

My best advice for buying: beware and read everything in the listing.
My best advice for selling: be honest, include shipping in the selling price and take a lot of pictures on premium items.


New Member
My eBay experiences have mainly been in the selling category. Before "signs" it was sports cards from my own collection (approx. 500,000). I now have an eBay Store for vinyl and between the fees, cutthroat competition, and management of the store I'm probably closer to breaking even than I care to think about. Sometimes I will toss some sports cards, household goods, etc., online as regular auction items.

On the other hand, the eBay Store generates leads that have resulted in 90% of my larger sales since I don't have a "shop".

Particularly vexing is the idea that you can pay eBay for an online store but the official rules state that you mustn't sell anything outside of eBay.

I've purchased a few "Beanie Baby" items for my wife's collection with no trouble.

Ian Stewart-Koster

Older Greyer Brushie
bought lots, laser printers, toner, screen-printing carousel, computer parts- no problems except in buying twice from some amateur sellers who refused to sell after I'd won the item, then posted negative feedback on me- wierd- as I did nothing wrong.
Don't be afraid to use the 'ask seller a question' button, as I've received stuff not quite as good as described, and have had the fault remedied when I could remind them of their response to the question.

You do have to watch postage charges- reputable sellers are mostly quite OK. I've done a lot of overseas bidding too, with good prices & success.

Tony Teveris

New Member
Ebay / PayPal Spam

I only bought 1 item on Ebay just before Christmas and with in the last month I have gotten a number of SPAM emails saying my account has been accessed, or a new email has been added to my account. I just gont one from PayPal which I used on Ebay. All BS according to PayPal and Ebay. The emails look real with logos and other info. If I could just reach through the screen I'd .....