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Your Ebay Experience

What Has Been Your experience at Ebay?

  • I have both sold and bought items there

    Votes: 218 68.8%
  • I have bought items there

    Votes: 66 20.8%
  • I have bid on but never bought items there

    Votes: 9 2.8%
  • I have been there only

    Votes: 22 6.9%
  • I have never been there

    Votes: 2 0.6%

  • Total voters


New Member
I buy and sell on ebay Heaps, am located in Australia, and most of my stuff goes to the US, Canada, and UK.

Pro Signs & Graphix, to quote you - "Buyer beware holds true. We are extremely careful where we buy from. We will not buy anything that must be shipped from Asia. The UK, Germany, and Australia require caution"

I can understand the buyer beware bit, and with some Asian countries, France and a few other places that holds true, but may I ask why the UK and AU?



New Member
PS...for those who mention getting outbid in the dying seconds, try using a sniper. I have saved buttloads by not getting into bidding wars.

Here is a great one, first 3 snipes are free, and it costs minimal after - I've been running on $10us for the past 2 years!!!!

Please use me as a referrer!!!! (cpknut)


flat rock stan

New Member
I sell educational DVD’s there 50 dollars cheaper that I do on my website but have had lots of people call and order from my site cause they don’t trust eBay. When I tell them we are the same people they still want to buy for more from my website! Hmmmmmm the weirdest thing I have bought on eBay is a swimming pool (endless pool) 3 years ago and saved a fortune. Some deals haven’t been so good though.


Active Member
Have not had any bad experiences on ebay. Have bought books, antique porcelain signs and rare advertising art & water tranfers. Have sold antique and fantasy signs & old ad art. no problems, "knock-on-wood".


New Member
I have a subscription to a statistics service for ebay. You look for HOT items or you look for how hot you item is.

I am really disappointed to see the stats. They are not that good.

There are a few hot spots and I can tell you this.
They are summer activity good with some hot sales going on. Home and garden is really HOT. Subset is kitchen and subset of the is kitchen appliances.
Home decor is the hottest right now.
I will not let on what but, I wanna save that for myself.


New Member
Another ebay goodie...

Check this out... we are all perfect (LOL) and dont make typos, but for those who cant spell to save themselves...!!!

Might just be a few Rolaands etc out there :biggrin:



New Member
I won't buy from ebay and I won't ever sell on ebay.

If I'm going to spend money on something I want a proper guarantee and to deal direct with the supplier.

Paypal?- why bother. Get a proper merchant account from a proper bank and your money is safe. Paypal can freeze, empty and do loads of other things with your account and you have NO power to stop them http://paypalsucks.com


New Member
Paypal has been very good to me, not only for ebay purchases but for alot of other purchases. Being in AU and needing to buy overseas alot, and even with local sales, they offer the backup I need in case I get ripped off, which I've had a few try to do, and paypal has been there to help.

I think alot of people who start sites like the one shown are people on the other end, some who try to rip people off and then are stunned to find out that PP can actually take the money back paid to them, but of course some who are legitimate.

Like anything though, I Always use insurance, so I have nothing to worry about as if there is a problem, I'll get my money back Somehow.

Quite simply, PP is Alot safer than other means of payment, especially WU.



New Member
Ya' pays your money...ya' takes yur chances.

Seriously though, I've bought and sold since 2001. Only a handful of minor problems not worthy of mentioning. Just be careful, research your seller (if you're buying) and make sure to read the fine print.


I buy and sell. The best thing about ebay is the availability of things that would be impossible to find locally. When my G4 Mac monitor died I was able to get a used one cheap, instead of buying a new expensive one. I was able to liquidate a lot of my Mother-in-laws stuff when we downsized her. I was able to buy her a living room full of new furniture with what we made. The downside is the occasional deadbeat buyer or seller, and the high price of ebay and especially pay pal's fees once you have a premier account. And you have to have one to accept credit cards. I was considering opening a store selling stained glass supplies until I did some research on the items I wanted to sell. To many were already being sold directly from the source at wholesale costs so it wasn't worth bothering with. also the fees associated with selling some of the low end items were too high.


New Member
rule number 1.

pay through paypal with american express. If you get scammed, contact paypal for a refund (dispute). If you get no-where, file a chargeback with your credit card company.

Problem solved.


New Member
I had PP drag their feet once as the person they were trying to get my money back from, emptied their account so PP couldnt get my money back.

I got my CC company to chase it up, as well as filing for a lost (insured) package.

I actually wound up with 3x the $$ back - the insurance came through, the cc got the $ from PP and PP got the $$ from the seller when she went to buy something.

I was honest, contacted all involved and said hey, once is enough, but they all said keep it.

Long story, but a bad US seller using an alias...chose me to scam, she wound up in court after I contacted the police in her area...turns out she sent the item to another address Knowing it would get returned to her, thinking she could just keep it! Seems she forgot it was insured LOL

And I'm in agreeance, it is getting expensive to sell on ebay :(


New Member
I buy from ebay and amazon. Rairly sell. Have you tried craigslist.com? I found an epson printer that i bought from a shop going under.


New Member
I have bought and sold on ebay.

I have had about a 99% good experience. the problems i experienced were resolved.


New Member
Its the same old thing when somone gets big the media wants to slag them off they will allways tell you the bad things and not the millions of good sale and buys
We use ebay and we love it a few problems but mostly good .
I wish there were two ebay types because when somone gets a monopoly they dont quite give the same service as when they are in competion


New Member
I have bought lots of things -shoes,Cocaine Energy Drink cuz it is not available, and lots of NYC mini buildings which I collect and a signed copy of Frank Sinatra The Main Event (Album which I WILL belive is authentic).
I got a bogus Louis Vuitton purse and the company was not acknowledged by Ebay so I could not do anything, and I bought an IPod that funtioned only in Japanese. Just got to be more carefull


New Member
subscribe to a bay charting service, Then you can track whats hot and whats not, you will be surprised to know that.

There are millions of items listed. And that a large percentage of those items do not sell and if they do,, they sell at a lower price than many would suspect.

Yes there are many that do good. But the hype about doing tremendous amounts of money are very rare indeed.


New Member
buy mostly fishin and huntin stuff there...like others have said, it's hard to sell graphics unless you wanna give em away:rolleyes:


New Member
I have both bought and sold items on ebay since 1997, I have never sold vinyl on there as most people that do let it go for almost NO PROFIT and I have way better things to do.
I have over the years had more issues with PayPal then I have ever had with ebay. The main issue if there was any that I will state with ebay is the cost of selling your item. They have now lowered there listing price HOWEVER the backside final fee is killer!!! If you want to do business on ebay you had better know what you are doing as ebay definatly can make you or break you.