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Your Ebay Experience

What Has Been Your experience at Ebay?

  • I have both sold and bought items there

    Votes: 218 68.8%
  • I have bought items there

    Votes: 66 20.8%
  • I have bid on but never bought items there

    Votes: 9 2.8%
  • I have been there only

    Votes: 22 6.9%
  • I have never been there

    Votes: 2 0.6%

  • Total voters

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New Member
Tony Teveris said:
I only bought 1 item on Ebay just before Christmas and with in the last month I have gotten a number of SPAM emails saying my account has been accessed, or a new email has been added to my account. I just gont one from PayPal which I used on Ebay. All BS according to PayPal and Ebay. The emails look real with logos and other info. If I could just reach through the screen I'd .....


It's called Phishing... don't fall for it. http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/p/phishing.html

but it's not ebay or paypal's fault... it's dirtbag theifs... lots of Nigerians. someone could easily send out emails saying that Signs101.com needed you to update your password and personal information and set up a web page that looked just like it, and possibly get some info on you.



New Member
I Sell on ebay as does my B/F but we dont sell vinyl or signage.. We are in the process rite now of buying a Sign store. so not been in the business long.. (we will have the store in about 4 weeks)..... I even bought my car on ebay and got a killer deal from someone who lived 25 miles from me.. I got a 2000 NewBeetle Turbo.. for 5,800 2 years ago.. (its still worth more than i got it for).. I have been selling vintage jewelry on ebay and at times can do quite well with it.. but its not a fun catagory to do the listings for..

My B/F sells Radio Control Boat Parts as that is One of his web Businesses. and what he sells the most of is products we have developed or packaged with our business web site listed in the name of the product. so. when people get the product once they are more than likely to order the next time or get differant products from our website instead of ebay. And we always include a maginet business card in with our orders.

I do believe that ebay while you may not make alot with some of the products you sell can lead to more business in the long run.


New Member
We have bought and sold on e-bay and had decent luck. We sold two computers and bought two new dells and they have worked out great!

We have never tried to sell banners or magnets or anything on there. He (the other half) considered buying a cutter on there awhile back, but after research and further consideration decided that was not the way to go.

I will say that it can become addicting...:Oops:


New Member
I don't buy anything of real importance to me or anything of high value/price. I don't trust Ebay enough to spend anything over a couple hundred dollars. I bought a digital camera for 225.00. My biggest purchase thus far. I did sell a Compaq server that I no longer needed for 1200.00. Both went fine. I've bought numerous small items. Mostly PC related.

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New Member
I just bought a IBM laptop loaded with XP Pro and all the goodies for 320.00...got dvd burner from another seller, other drive and docking station form another seller.........I have about 400.00 in a laptop that sold for well over a 1000.00 new..............I bought my Fastrack 750 for 550.00 and a Encad 850 42" printer for 1900.00 and they are both great machines...............
Selling in EBay can take a lot of work - although a person can do well. As for competing with EBay - never. We have purchased a lot from EBay. We are extremely reluctant to purchase supplies, as we have seen our competition purchase too much junk.

Buyer beware holds true. We are extremely careful where we buy from. We will not buy anything that must be shipped from Asia. The UK, Germany, and Australia require caution.

All in all, only one purchase had problems.


New Member
I have also been using it for about 4 years with about 200 feedback ratings at 100% positive with about half being items sold and bought, I even sold my old car there


New Member
I have had some good deals on ebay .I have never sold anything. I have been burned 3 times in the last 2 years as a buyer though. One seller even had a perfect feedback and they must have left the country or could have died or something, but suddenly I didn't get my item. I reported it. Nobody did anything about it. I watched and then the seller was getting nothing but neg. feedbacks.Then disappeared.
I had a couple other bad buys. I mean I did not even recieve the item and ebay or Paypal did nothing about it.....
I don't use it anymore. Occasionly I look to see what is there, but I'm affraid to buy......


New Member
I started using e-bay actively about a month ago, mainly in search for a Roland PC-60/600 that I am trying to find. Couple of good deals got away within last seconds of the bidding :( I was pissed…..invested couple of hours researching e-bay bidding process and came up with Auction Sentry. A priceless little program for less than $20 that allowed me to track auctions I want, not have to sit in front of the computer to place a bid and control exactly when I want my bid to be placed. It was the best 20 bucks spent, and if anyone is planning to make even few purchases on E-bay, I highly recommend it! I am in no way shape and form associated with the maker of the program, but just can not help sharing my enthusiasm about it. Try it (30 day trial) and see for your self.

Since I started using it I finally managed to make few purchases that I consider to be great deals. If you know the value of what you want, and do not need something right away, it is a place where likely you will hunt down a good deal.
I did run in one instance of waiting too long for an item, which got resolved immediately after my inquiry with e-bay resolution center and pay pal, one instance of item not performing well that resulted with full refund including original shipping cost (apparently a honest mistake) and one instance where I backed out not realizing the huge cost of shipping where the seller was very understanding and had no problem with me retracting my (minimal) winning bid.
I have not sold anything there yet, although I am thinking about it.

Over all a positive experience although I have noticed that it is getting infiltrated with scammers! If e-bay does not address that problem, it will get a really bad rap over time.
My advise…be careful with popular large ticket items.

Air Art Girl

New Member
I have both bought and sold on ebay. Done quite well on selling but have only sold personal items not many items produced at the shop. What I hate about ebay is that it is over saturated with "ebay stores" You look for an item and the same seller has 50 of them listed. It takes way too much time to weed thru the crap to find a private seller. I wish you could exclude the store sellers or choose to view the store sellers seperately. I have found Craig's List to be sometimes better for some items.


New Member
I have been on ebay now since 05 I have bought somethings. but mostly I sell several items I make in my own shop to sign people the business has realy grown I have sold in most of the united states and many foreign countries. I have strict rules on selling when contacted thru ebay I will sell only thru ebay I never go around.ebay. Another sore point with people is shipping cost. I only charge what the actual cost is and no more. I want ship until the invoice is sent. the excpetion is buy it now . I give a iron clad money back guarantee in including freight never had to use it good feedbacks are important mine is positive 350 no negative. a lot of people think thay don't have to pay income tax 0n sales you do so keep good records you might need them. ebay is great just play by their rules remember the customer is always right. Another thing i ship the day I get paid. Try ebay out its great Thanks for looking Henry Goines

p.s look under vinyl sign supplies and vinyl sign making and signs.


New Member
I love ebay when its time to get rid of things I no longer use. I also enjoy getting hard to find items from there. You name it, its there pretty much there.


New Member
Sold a lot of guitars on eBay. One for $2750 and shipped to Japan. Shipping was $450.

Got ripped off for $1600 once on eBay. Customer just gave me a good all American screwin'. I bought his product and paid my money....he thumbed his nose at me and said see ya buddy. Sue me if you think you can collect.


New Member
That happened to my brother when he purchased a GPS. Paid about $400 or so and never recieved it. When he put the heat on the seller, the seller said "what money?" and "what GPS?". The seller was new to ebay and screwed several others at the same time. He then closed his ebay account (or ebay closed it) and counted his earnings.


New Member
"IT" sucks.
I refuse to do any business with FEEBAY ever again!
If you sell on Ebay I won't buy from you.
I won't do PayPal either.
FeeBay will suck the life ($) out of you until you can't go on. They raise fees every 6 months or more. Change the policies whnever they feel like it. Harbor known scams. Make deals with PowerSellers to cut out the little guy. Always screwing with the search functions and adding worthless features to charge you another nickle. Worst customer service (NON EXISTANT) for any company except the IRS.

I'm not the only one that feels this way. http://www.powersellersunite.com
was created to discuss Ebay without fear of being Pink Slapped!

Just my 2 cents.


New Member
Your web site and ebay get it listed

I sell regular on ebay and have for two years It's work but fun and rewarding. Now ebay want let you mention your web site on your listings or email But if you get a ME page you can list the site and have a link to your site You will have to work up to this. When I list a Item I tell the bidder to check my ME page and feedbacks it works. I list at vinyl sign supplies and vinyl sign making Thanks Henry Goines merchant


New Member
We've had great luck with eBay.

We don't sell retail, so we've never listed our products on eBay, but we've bought and sold quite a bit of equipment on ebay. I rebuilt a nice honda street bike a few years ago with parts from eBay sellers. As many have already stated here it's really a matter of buyer beware and doing your research. The only negative thing to happen recently was a bid winner not paying for an item then making a lame excuse saying he "thought" he paid for the item. After giving him an additional week to pay, we had to enter a dispute as a dead beat bidder and we prevailed getting our listing fees reversed. As far as eBay itself I have no complaints. Just be careful of the people you deal with is all.

If anyone is interested in a Nikon D1 Digital SLR Camera with lens let me know.. haha.. It's just about to go back on eBay....


It's better to have two hands than one glove.
I'd rather be beaten with chains than participate in any way with EBay, and it's vicious offspring, PayPal. It's not the way gentlebeings should do business.