1. 96XP

    Question Q: Ecosol Max or Ecosol Max 2 -What's the difference?

    Is there a difference between using Ecosol Max, or the Ecosol Max 2 inks in an older legacy printer? (SC-540 - DX4 heads) Compatibility?
  2. J

    Question Life span of a print from an HP Latex 560

    We are printing 2nd surface on clear Arlon 4500G, backed with white vinyl, mounted to plexi. The question is, how long will this print last outside with lots of sunlight? We need it to last years.
  3. DTP2

    Ink leaking from Mutoh heads

    Hi. Is anyone having issues with inks leaking from their Mutoh ValueJet or ExpertJet heads? Especially on recent installed machines (up to 4 months old) or on machines that had a recent damper replacement?
  4. S

    Need Help Mimaki 3042HG black ink in yellow prints

    Continuation of my black ink in yellow print issue. (Mimaki 3042HG) Did a couple more test prints today - here is what I found: Printed a test square of yellow and black only, only notice the black streaking on the left of the left side squares, most notably at the very begining. Printed...
  5. S

    Need Help Problem with Roland VP 540i

    Good Afternoon Everyone, I was hoping someone could give me some ideas on what to try with my Roland VP 540i. My yellow & magenta are not printing, also not coming through the cap tops or tubes. I have done several cleans with no luck. Last week all colors were coming through except yellow and...
  6. T

    Agfa Anapurna M2500 Series 500 Unexpired Ink for Sale

    Agfa Series 500 Ink for Sale Black - 2 liters (11/2021) Light Magenta - 1 liter (10/2021) Yellow - 2 liters (08/2021 and 12/2021) Magenta - 2 liters (12/2021) Cyan - 2 liters (08/2021) Of course, all bottles are brand new and sealed. We are replacing our Anapurna. These inks are valued above...
  7. KellyP12

    HP DesignJet z6810

    Brief question.... am I crazy/missing something, or is this just a design flaw in this printer? When a cartridge runs out of ink mid-job, can the z6810 really not pick up where it left off, as its predecessor (the z6100) did? This is so ridiculous. When a cartridge runs out, I can no longer just...
  8. S

    How Low Do You Let Your Inks Get?

    Hey all. I've been wondering how far I can push my ink cartridges. I'm using HP Latex 310, and the cartridges are 775 ml. I was told by my sales rep to replace inks as soon as the machine says they're low, which usually happens around 100ml. This seems kind of insane to replace such a huge...
  9. L

    Is it worth it replacing OEM ink with Bordeaux?

    Hey there! I own a Mimaki CJV150 with SS21 ink for 2 years now and I'm willing to replace this OEM SS21 with Bordeaux MS33 in order to stop losing money with ink. I've read a bit about Bordeaux inks here. Also called Bordeaux and had a general good impression about them, but I'd rather listen...
  10. 96XP

    Changed Ink Brand - Now Having Problems With Magenta

    I removed this (question) post as I found the solution. Thank you.
  11. S

    Need Help Ink smudging

    Any ideas what causes the ink on a vinyl print to smudge when using the squeegee? I doubt that its too much force with the squeegee as it did not happen before? Could it be the material, ink or printer heater settings or something else?
  12. L

    Need Help Mutoh RJ 900 X - Charging the Ink Lines

    Hello all, I come to you, again, for help. I have been fighting with our Mutoh for two weeks. Friday, Jan 31, It printed fine. The following Monday, Feb 3, it showed a lot of missing segments on the nozzle check. I alternated between cleaning cycles and nozzle checks until I decided that it was...
  13. S

    Need Help Need Advice Replacing Mimaki UJF-3042 HG Ink Damper

    Hi Guys, I'm new to Uv Printing, only started about a month ago. It's been an interesting learning curve adjusting to Raster Link. Had to make a couple of mistakes, trial and error to learn quickly with the "live" jobs that had come in. Im enjoying it so far. I bought a 2nd hand 4-year old...
  14. S

    Need Help Mutoh Ink is full but display [M] INK END

    My printer keeps beeping and shows M ink end but I just replaced it with a brand new ink ? Any advise here? Mutoh 1617 Hybrid
  15. D

    Suggestions Cheapest ink supplier for Mimaki 3042FX ?

    Hi, Can I ask where may be the cheapest place to buy ink for our Mimaki 3042FX ? It's costing us a fortune replacing ink cartridges that are only half empty when they hit their expiry date. Thanks : )
  16. S

    IJC257 changeover

    Greetings everyone, We decided to make the changeover from IJC256 to IJC257. The Application Bulletin here seems to indicate that we don't need to perform the "short flush," which is a process managed by the printer. Instead, my understanding is that it just needs to have a "manual...
  17. D

    Epson GS3 Inks PRICE HIKE (for S40600, S60600, S80600)

    I purchased the Epson S40600 four months ago and I was happy with it until the price hike on the inks. Epson increased the price of their GS3 inks for no reason at all, no formula improvement, just price gouging. I suggest going with a printer that has cheaper inks and the option for third party...
  18. J

    Big problem with Mutoh 1204

    I recently had to replace the manifold adapter on my Mutoh 1204. Broke a damper nozzle while changing dampers. We did a complete flushing of the printhead, and everything seemed to be fine. We also replaced the maint. station (genuine Mutoh) and installed a new wiper. We printed with it for 3...
  19. nemesis2180

    MUTOH 1624 - The K and Y ink got into dump overnight

    Hey guys, I'm asking someone for help, with this strange issue. I went to my office in a morning, started machine and see ''Subtank refill'' on display. Opened up doors on mutoh and see, under the capping station, the mug full of ink (I'm using mug for dump ink, under the capping station for...
  20. S

    MP Ink ,Which ink for Mutoh ValueJet 1608 Hybrid HS

    Guys , I have been googling to find the right ink for a printer I just bought. Its a used Mutoh ValueJet 1608 HS Hybrid. It says Standard KMCY 900 ml (2 pack only ) . What does it mean ? What exactly should I buy ? Can you guys recommend some online source ? Thank you