1. New Guy Roland SG2-640 Tiling color difference

    Hello, So I had a customer who wanted a full color wrap. I choose to break it up in 2 horizontal parts so that i only have 1 overlap line. First i did the splitting in illustrator with a clipping mask, than i printed those 2 but i found out that there was a huge color difference. Then i found...
  2. Cast Arlon Vinyl Prints

    Hey Guys, Question for you all. I have a small sign shop in WV and have an in-house cutter but have always outsourced my prints mainly due to space restrictions at my location. I have a wholesale supplier for my intermediate vinyl prints but not for my cast stuff. (if you know of anybody...
  3. Printing problem SP540 - horizontal line across - Need help

    Hi everyone, i need help with my Roland SP540, since a few days, i got horizontal line across the vinyl when printing (you can have a look on the attached image) and this can appear right after starting or after printing 50 cm, or none, or more and less... test print is really good, encoder...
  4. Need Help Mutoh 1624 fisheye

    well, I have straightened out a head height issue on my 1624 and it now prints like a new machine. ....with one exception: FISHEYE!!! Please take a look at the print images. this is a 720x720 profile. Also, no heat to avoid head strike. ((use heat????) Many thanks in advance for any replies.
  5. Canvas Print

    Custom canvas print.
  6. Winter Scenes

    Couple winter-themed canvas prints.
  7. Custom Art & Designs

    Over time...
  8. HELP! Mimaki cjv 30-160

    So, We are having a problem with our mimaki cjv 30-160, Every time we print something, the length is always shorter than what its supposed to be, but the width is always right, ive tried everything i could think of, been on numerous forums trying to solve this problem. for example, i just...
  9. Material you can color on?

    Hello all, I would like to print my line art renditions on a material and then have my customers kids color it in with permanent markers or crayons. I would like to do this for dining room tables or perhaps a table runner. Anyone know of a material that I can use....but I don't want paper...
  10. Discussion Copyright Issues

    Belonging to a few community facebook pages, I come across the occasional request for someone to complete a print job that has some obvious copyright infringements (Disney themed birthday banner for example). Hate to turn money, and somebody out there will produce the job, but I'm afraid of...
  11. About Print Wrap vinyls brands

    Hello, We're based in Belgium, we're a carwrap company and we do color change and print wrap. We generally use Arlon SLX (or 3M) for print wraps but I saw lately that Oracal is very famous (at least in the US). Or customer (our team also btw) are bored of using always same flat-white vinyls and...
  12. Cyan banding Issue Arizona 550GT / Acuity HS

    hi All, im hoping someone can help or advise. we have had a couple of engineers out and still have the same issue. one of the cyan heads has been replaced so we know it isn't that. i have attached a few images of some 100% cyan tests ive recently ran on the flatbed and the RMO. i have also...
  13. Need Help ink limit in ergosoft

    Hi, i don't understand how can evaluate my #ink #limit and what exactly the right file to print in #Ergosoft RIP. When i create a new #print #environment, no profil and no linearization, what setting attribute to maximal ink limit (see my pic included). Maybe no ink limit setting ???
  14. Suggestions Looking for New Print & Cut machine

    Hey this is John with Skywatch Signs, I am looking to purchase a new print and cut machine for the company. I am looking for a 60" wide machine. I would like suggestions for a high quality reasonable price machine.
  15. Ghosting printing roland vs640.

    Hello Everyone, Been trying to solve this by myself by cleaning the head, cleaning the encoder strip. unplugging it. But could not find a strong solution. Is it caused by static? please help Roland VS640 is my machine.
  16. Paneling help needed

    Printing a huge sign, made up of 6 - 4x8’ panels. Having trouble getting the text in the middle ones to line up. I’m considering making a 16’ print and mounting to two boards at once and then cut the seam. Any suggestions???
  17. Two CJV30-130's for sale

    We are in the Dallas/Ft Worth area and have two CJV30-130's we are looking to sale to make room for a new HP570. If interested please email Kevin at for more details. Thanks!
  18. Need Help HP Latex 315 Statis Cling Profile

    Hey everyone, I've been trying to print on clear static cling on my HP Latex 315. However, the colors are not coming out very nicely. The black especially has a lot of grain in it. I don't know whether I should adjust the temperature, the saturation or the pass. Can anyone help me out? See...
  19. Need Help Printing 4 colour with the Gerber Edge

    Hi, I'm trying to print some welsh dragons using CYMK but the print doesn't look right. The file I'm using is a vector file, I have attached an image, can anyone help me please. I'm using flexi with XP.
  20. Need Help What's Going on Here? Weird Printing Marks

    Good morning! As of yesterday, I've been getting these weird, streak like marks on the things I've been printing. I'll attach pictures but what I've been using is our Roland Soljet Pro III XC-540, a banner material that I don't have a number for (I assume it's a cheaper, more generic brand)...