2 thumbs up for Summa technical support


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I was amazed yesterday when I attempted to call Summa for support on a 5 year old opus cutter.

I called and within 3 rings it was actually answered by a human voice who immediately set out to help me.

My problem is that lately my opus seems to be having issues with reading the registration marks from the Mimaki. For instance...when I set the Opus up in position, it immediately jumps an inch or so in a different area and sits there searching for what seems an eternity until it signals me to move it to the mark.

After you reset the opus to where it should look and hit enter it jumps off in a different direction again and I go through the process over again.

I have tried turning off the plotter and starting it up again only to have the same issue.

I have also shut down Flexi (probably the culprit) and restarted it and again the same issue.

The gentleman on the phone talked me through resetting the firmware and still no difference.

The only thing that worked was actually shutting down the computer and rebooting...then all of a sudden it had no problems finding the marks...

The tech guy had no real answers for me about that, but at least i sort of figured out it is not the Summa having the problem....

Just wanted to say that I have never experienced such technical help so quickly and so friendly before.... I would definately stick with Summa for any future purchases just for the technical support alone!!!



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Yup, Summa rocks and I must say the few times I've needed help their CS has been outstanding. Like you said, just a few rings, real person on the other end immediately helping with my problem.

Doesn't get any better than that and the reason I'll never buy another brand of cutter.


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Not only are they fast, they're very knowledgable. My S160T came with a bad motherboard that was causing some strangeness when it was attempting to sense where the rollers were.

I had already tried all the usual culprits, like restarts, etc. and it was still happening. I called them up, he had me run through a few simple tests and when the problem was still there he initiated a service call. Within 2 days I had a new motherboard installed.

I've had to call them twice since then and both times we were able to sort the issue out over the phone and I was back up and running within literally minutes of the problem being detected.


I couldn't agree more -- I have a DC4sx and a 30" cutter -- both are tanks, and tech support really knows their stuff -- kudos!



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I'll chime in on that. Was having OPOS issues that I had actually posted a question on in the appropriate forum and not an hour later a tech had called me and walked me through the steps. That they actually patrol the boards here is incredible; that they take steps to make a user and future repeat customer happy - priceless!


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Thank you for the kind words about my support staff! I will forward along the messages to my guys.

If there is anything we can ever do to help out, certainly let us know.

Best regards,

Phil Johnson
Summa Inc.


Summa sales, Customer and Technical support has been absolutely spectacular over the years. If my tank-solid Summa plotter ever gives up the ghost, I know exactly where I will turn for the next one.... SUMMA.


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I am just upgrading my SummCut to the S-Class T series!! I can't wait to get it! It's good to hear that everyone else is very happy with them too.


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Just wanted to say I couldn't agree more. Dan K is a lifesaver on a monthly basis. We just flew him out to calibrate the machine and check out some problems and we're in FL, they're in WA. Yes we had to pay, but to me it was worth it. A++