3 handmade signs for an amusement park


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I just finished these for a nearby amusement park. It's a small park but quite nicely done. They wanted the signs to be similar but different from each other.

The signs are all HDU except the pizza has Magic Sculpt toppings on it. I love that stuff.

They have their own blacksmith so they are having him make the brackets. I'll have to go down and get pictures once they have them installed.

Forgot to mention.. they are all 24" x 32"


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Love 'em.
Love the subdued colors and clean lines, very classy for an amusement park.
For some reason that Ryerson one makes me think of this.


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Wow you used a box cutter for the lettering???:cool1: Awesome signs, now I have an urge for a cup of coffee and a slice.
Yup. I used a snap off blade box cutter for the lettering on the pizza sign. The other signs had different lettering and I used a 1" wide carpenters chisel and a 1/2" bent chisel along with the box cutter on them.


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How wide is the coffee cub and how far does it stick out? What I am wondering is how much is actually dimensional and how much is through effects like perspective and painting shadows... Looks nice.