a proposed yard sign

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Well, here is a current sign that I have worked up. The customer wants the extra information that is on the edges included. The Teal and Black is sort of her thing as well. These are for coro yard signs....

Let me have the thoughts please...



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Not the greatest contrast and the wording around the perimeter is distracting to me. If this is for yard signs placed around town, I would think that the message is pretty much lost completely. I would focus on what the primary message is and take out all the rest.


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I'm not so sure about the text around the perimeter for a sign. A card maybe, but it doesn't flow as it is. The contrast is difficult. I think I would put the name up top in teal on black with white offset behind it, and list the other items beneath in white.


IMO this is way too busy, not enough contrast and too many small/thin fonts for a typical yard sign. If the purpose of this sign is to gain attention from passing traffic it will be unreadable. If it is meant to be used on a sidewalk area where people are strolling past it, it might be OK.

Not trying to be harsh, but look closely at the thumbnail in your post.

What can you read?

The only thing I can read is Deja Vu and it still takes a moment for that to register.

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I agree on the busy part and the contrast....

the actual size is not too bad from a bit of distance. I pen plotted it out and was surprised at the actual size it came out at....

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yup nice if ya get to stroll past and that kind of thing

if placed next to road directing . yes take side copy off ... use arrows to direct

other wise classy look

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I am not certain of where she wants to put these. My wife told me that she is one that "expects you to know what she wants, Just like any woman"

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Try the first layout, if she insists on the side-wording, with the black inverted to white with the teal background. Improved legibility and you get to offer her up a solution that will be much more readable.

Compromise, baby.


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Too much copy, too little contrast.
I think I would go with the white option.
If she has a website I think I'd put it on there rather than the phone number.


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do this:
print an 8.5 x 11 of HER DESIGN, now print one with your teal and white ........................go to her and tell her to sit in a chair, then you walk about 10-12 feet from her, hold em both up..........ASK HER WHICH ONE CAN YOU READ?????
i think you will be doing the teal letterijng white background.


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I do tons of these signs for apartments and I always tell the customer that someone driving by only has 2 seconds to read the message, anymore and it is a waste. I have always used this rule of thumb when designing yard signs, unless you know the people are walking by or driving very slowly.

Therefore, I would go with your second design and try to avoid the teal on black. maybe have black copy on white with a teal area below with white phone similar to what SignManiac posted.

d fleming

A good sign does 3 things and no more. Tells your potential customer who you are, what you do and how to get ahold of you. None of that matters if you can't read it.

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I think your last layout posted is much better than the two first ones. There just isn't enough contrast between the teal and black. The one thing that kindof bugs me about the last one is the thickness of the seperating line in comparison to the skinny text.

just pitching thoughts...didn't really think about the line being that thick, but NOW I do...

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We ended up selling the sign like this. Did 10 double sided with the teal vinyl.

Got a roll of vinyl that was old or something on the first 16 faces. It would not weed worth a crap and you could see the adhesive string every now and again. Hit the end of that 10 yards and the last 4 out of a second roll weeded like I KNEW it should...

Frustrating to say the least, but my wife and me worked together today and got along very well....got some good practice in as well....


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