Actual Text Message with new employee.


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This is a transcription of a text message that I just had with a new employee.

(Me) "Hey, are you at XYZ?"

(Employee) "No Sir"

(Me) "Don't make a habit of that 'Sir' business cuz it kinda makes me feel like a big shot and well with an ego like mine, well...)

(Employee) "You got it Bitch"


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Update #2

So I texted him back saying "You know we are going to have to talk about this."

His reply "You got it Sweet Di(%!"


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sounds like fun. by my first thought earlier today when i read your first thread was you already lost the element of boss/employee respect.

i tryed this approach with employees i had. and the end result was bad.

now i prefer they call me "sir".

its amazing how that first lapse in respect can lead to the evolution of the boss/employee relationship. not to sh*t on the fun parade, but im hoping to give you some good advice that i have learned.


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This guy is fun and we get along well so far. There doesn't seem to be any lack of respect. Just likes to have a little fun at work. I need a little more of that anyways so I will roll with it for awhile. I do completely understand your advice Pro Wraps. Either this kid is hungry and will work hard while having fun or he will be job hunting. Time will tell.


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Nice! no, this guy's a keeper... someone with that sense of humor is intelligent and someone intelligent isn't going to really insult you and expect to keep his job :)

He'll keep you on your toes, make the job more fun and keep you young (don't know how old you are)