Applying to Coroplast

Hey guys,

Printing to vinyl and applying to 36" x 24" coroplast with a cold laminator. Any suggestions or techniques you guys might know or fill me in on before applying? Roller height? anything?

fyi printed on Aspire calendered yellow vinyl. Thanks!


I would just pre-mask it to give it a bit of stiffness and then apply it just like you would with cut vinyl. Probably quicker than monkeying around to get the roller height just right on the laminator.



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I would run it through the laminator.... Can do stuff like that in a minute...very easy

Charlie J

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Cut about 2-3 off of the backing and hinge the vinyl on the substrate. Make sure you get it absolutely straight. Put this edge in your laminator, peel the backing and run it thru.

Piece of cake.

Tim Aucoin

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Get a Big Squeegee... you won't regret it! Those who know me, know that I love making my little videos... so...
Here's my latest video made today mounting 48" x 48" posters onto coroplast. Took me all of 5 minutes to mount 4 of them! For small runs, nothing beats it! :thumb::popcorn:

:ROFLMAO: I cut my head off in this video! I really need to start using a better camera! :rolleyes:


If you don't have a BS you can wet lay it. I know when i first started laying vinyl on substrates i did this before getting the BS and it takes a bit longer cause it has to dry but it does get the job done in a pinch.


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The height on your roller should be at about 3mm or maybe 4mm, that will give it enough pressure. If you don't have mm, than use 1/8 to 3/16th of an inch setting. Just don't smoosh the poor thing.

If you have a lot to do, the laminator is the way to go. If you have one or two, big squeegie can't be beat.