Discussion Before I leave.....................


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Happy Thanksgiving Gino. And Happy Thanksgiving to everyone on this forum, moderators and users alike! There's been plenty of spats here throughout the year, but they are dust in the wind compared to the all the knowledge, support, and help I find here regularly. Through the years there's been a many little tips and tricks here and there that I learned from the good folks of Signs101 and they have proven to be life savers. This year is no different. And so bottom line THANK YOU to all! Cheers!


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Thank you Gino, but I am a canuck :(

Have a great holiday to you and all the other American members....

That's Okay, some of my best friends are Canadian. :toasting: You already had yours and evidently no one cared enough to post it up, so consider this one a belated one for you, my friend.........................


Happy Thanksgiving to our friends down south!
Hope you all have a great long weekend. :toasting: