Boat Name and graphics for a customer, what ya think?


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Hey, i designed this for a customer, and give him option to choose the colors, layout, etc. I wanted to see what your opinions? dont be harsh on me only took bout 45 minutes brainstorm and put all together. Also what would you charge to complete vinyl job on the boat. its about 11"x44" inches, 3 colors, layers..


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Same horse different jockey.

If you are going to spend 45 mins, then obviously that is your BEST.

If not.... Spend the appropriate time and do THREE different designs for critique... not the same thing in different colours. Doing it that way, you could have done a million variations of colour for assessment, and posted those.

Cheers - G


I think they are a bunch of POT SMOKERS from portland and wouldn't do the job!
Why not just put a pot leaf on there? Or some Decemerists logo or whatever Portland hippie band they listen to....

BTW there are pines in portland not palms, right? I do like the builders and butchers, they are from portland.
Also I like the show Portlandia...but they sound like dopers to me. Like the ones I shoot at every fall out picking ditch-weed in my farm....


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IF.....your still in the business in 5 years....and YOU look back on this wont be one you want in your portfolio)))))) hahahahahaha


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Mosh, me thinks the isolation of a flooded farm be gettin' to ya. Why ya gotta bash and stereotype a whole city ya damn farmer redneck inbred sum' bitch ya?

Now as fr as the design goes, it kinda blows. What were ya, high or somethin?


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Mosh, me thinks the isolation of a flooded farm be gettin' to ya. Why ya gotta bash and stereotype a whole city ya damn farmer redneck inbred sum' bitch ya?

Now as fr as the design goes, it kinda blows. What were ya, high or somethin?

This good ol' boy just lost acres upon acres of ditch weed AND live human targets to shoot at. He has a right to be pissed.


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The first thing I thought of was pot and I don't even smoke pot.
I did a boat transom once in real gold leaf, by hand, named Mary Ann.
I kept it really simple and tasteful, just a basic roman font.

I wouldn't worry so much about colors as I would the busy look of your layout.
Your name font is nasty, not classy, and it looks distorted.
If the customer wants palm trees by all means give him one, not many.
Boat lettering should be elegant or even fun, but never tacky or busy.
Here's a 5 minute quickie idea.


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really hate the trees. when making groups, groups of odd numbered items look the best. your trees are just plopped onto the "design" with not real thougth behind the placement of them. three trees in a group off to one side balance by one larger can work. making something balanced doesn't mean plopping down thing all in a row, spaced out equally.

tell you truth guy who i am doing this just love it

don't let that fool you into thinking it is a good design just because the guy loves it. think of all the tacky stuff you see people putting in their yards like the little cut out boy made of wood with the yellow hose so it looks like he is peeing on a bush or a bend over lady. those people loved those too.

"Deposit Please"

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It looks like it should say >>>Mobile Home Park << underneath Mary Jane. but who cares--- the customer just loves it sooo much....right?


It's a boat name, not a sign... Go with nice easy to read letter style with a hint of a palm frond.


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regal boat? dont tell me nothin......when you been at this awhile, you will find out doing boat names and port of origin.......THERE ARE RULES for these. READABILITY, port of origin has to be a certain size.....SOOOO the coast guard/law enforcement.....CAN READ these without all the "fluff."
since your new to this, one poster here asked for a BLACK N WHITE....of that mess. learn to work in B&W....1st.........then once you have a decent design then add color.
this makes me think of an old t-shirt i had years ago. If you cant dazzle em with youre brilliance.........Baffle em wit bullschit!!!!! boat names dont work like that.
these are expensive boats. example:


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Craig Sjoquist

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It looks nice, middle one works for me, but think you can do better.

With your profits buy some books and read, like Mike Stevens Mastering Layout AND Dan Antonelli books 1&2.

What Jill & SignManiac is correct in there revisions this is the type of design that works well on boats. They look fun and dignified.