Calling all gardeners....WHAT IS THIS ??

Drip Dry

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This started growing on it's own in my front garden about a month ago.
I thought it was a weed, but it started to flower. It has been growing at
least a foot a week.
My daughter swears she knows what it is. I won't say it here so I don't taint
anyone's idea of what it is.

If she is right, I want to keep it... if she's wrong, it's got to come out before
it takes over the front lawn and into the street.

Any ideas ??


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Pat Whatley

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Looks like yellow squash, it's a little too bushy for pumpkins, I think.
It looks like it's got a bloom under it, if so you'll know what it is in about a week.


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looks like somethin's been doin' number two in your garden LOL I vote for leaving it... we did that with some sort of "weed" thing and ended up with the bush that looked like it ate Chicago and the most ginormous yellow daisy type flowers you've ever laid eyes on. Enjoyed them 'til winter and then pulled that monster out!

Drip Dry

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OK, so daughter says its pumpkin because... We had pumpkins on the step last Halloween. The squirrels got into them and dragged them through the
bushes. She thinks one or more seeds germinated.

Pat, the bloom you may be referring to may be one of two bushes that this thing has mauled.

So, if it's pumpkin, does it need to have another plant to create fruit ? ( you know, like corn) It keeps flowering, and then it falls off. I don't see any fruit.


Major Contributor me it look more like a ZUKE or YELLOW SUMMER SQUASH. heres mine from this spring.
the 1st 3 you see in front are: ZUKE, PATTIPAN,SQUASH.


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Definitely the Squash hard to tell from just photos of the plant itself what it may be. That is certainly a very large and healthy plant. Whatever strain it turns out to be.......its gonna bear something really good to eat!!!:thumb: Personally, I'd be hoping for a nice batch of Acorn Squash, but that's just me.


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I'm no gardener but I've seen that plant before.

wayne k
guam usa


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I can't identify if for certain, but back when I use to be a share cropper in the Hampton's, I grew a variety of garden specimens and I'm sure what you have is one of them. It's most definitely any one of the above suggestions.