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Design Contest Winners

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
And the winners are ...

1st Place = Pat Whatley

2nd Place = Mike Paul

3rd Place = BladeGraphics Post #22

4th Place = BladeGraphics Post #14

5th Place (tie) = tikiboyz

6th Place (tie) = Gino

Honorable Mention

Pro-Motion Graphix
toucan graphics
Jillbeans Post #7
Jim Schneck
Jillbeans Post #27
doug rontz
David Snider

Here again are the prizes to be awarded:

  • One dozen custom printed T-Shirts, up to three spot colors, in the design of your choice. Donated by Stacy at Bigdawg Designs.
  • One Plotter Art Voodoo Graphix Extreme digital art collection. Donated by Fred at Allied Computer Graphics.
  • One 33 font Signfonts collection. Donated by Steve C at Signfonts.com.
  • Once Plotter Art Print-N-Cut Color Collection of digital art. Donated by Fred at Allied Computer Graphics.
  • One $25.00 credit towards vectorizing services. Donated by Eric at The Vector Doctor.
  • One Plotter Art Originals digital art collection. Donated by Fred at Allied Computer Graphics.
ALL contestants receiving any finish position from 1st to 6th or an honorable mention receive a Big Squeegee 10 inch rivet & dent tool. Donated by Dale at The Big Squeegee. This prize should be claimed by contacting Dale by PM or email directly.

1st through 6th place will be individually contacted by me in their order of finish to select their prize. Since we had a tie for 5th place, I have used the earliest entry as the tie breaker.

Congratulations to all the contestants. I hope it was fun for everyone. The Shagnasty Bros. Corporate Identity Design Contest is officially closed.
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Hey Fred...thanks for doing this..and thanks to the sponsors! It was alot of fun! Look forward to the next one!


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Thanks again Fred and all involved. It was alot of fun and a good exercise to practice. Thanks for the votes for my entry.

The winner and runner up designs were awesome, as were all entries.



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Want to thank the merchant members and Fred for having these occasionally. Also thank everyone that voted.:thumb: :thankyou:

Dale's Signs

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Congratulations to all the winners!!!!!

A great big thanks to all of the sponsors, this was alot of fun all around, thanks Fred!:thumb:


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Congrats to all the winners! You made it difficult to choose just one. Now every time I see a road kill I will think Shagnasty in my head.

The Big Squeegee

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Awarding of the prizes

Some of the winners have not sent me a message as to where they want there prize sent. If you do not send me an email to tell me where you want it sent, it will most likely not get sent. I would like to award these prizes if at all possible. The cut off for claiming your prize is December 5th 2007.

Thank you