Diaz sign art You do some awsome work


Really nice to see- Town looks fantastic. Wish I could try that apple crisp! Love that stuff with ice cream and caramel :) YUM!!!! new craving for the day


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Thanks Joe,

been having to wipe drool off the keyboard for awhile as lunch was skipped and cant get the thought of a warm apple crisp with vanilla ice cream out of my head

back to the OP, great work! you inspire better work to be produced

Joe Diaz

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Thanks guys. Perhaps I can get my mom to hop on here and post up her recipe. Yesterday she brought some carrot cake to work.


oh yeah! If she would post it that would rock-Carrot cake too- your killing me and it's only 9 am... todays craving...
Your business is blessed to have that ability.

You can easily find good workers and people who can hit/click buttons, and occasionally a competent printer... but, you can't replace a great graphic artist.