Fake wraught iron look.


I just completed six of these, all identical. I wanted to wrap the ends of these with a iron strap, like you might see on a treasure chest. I made these from PVC. Using a ball peen hammer and venting a little frustration, hit them just hard enough to cover the surface in small dents. Glued on some plastic screw caps and then spray painted with Krylon black hammered metal finish. Also used a Krylon stone look finish spray paint for the lettering.

Although they are very simple looking signs, I think they turned out interesting!


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what are you using to attach your letters to the boards?

GE II clear silicone. I drill holes in the back of the letters and also in the background of the panel. The silicone gets squeezed up into the holes of both surfaces and gives increased holding power. I should add that I hog out where the letters go so they plug right in. The hog out is very shallow, .04 typically.


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Damn... would have loved to see those done in faux rust. Me thinks it would have made a world of difference.

Great job though.... for actually thinking about an end result and figuring out all by your little lonesome how to achieve it.

Many should take heed.

Cheers - G