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First time I asked this, WHAT is this font

:help: I was told this was "brush stroke" but I can not find anything like it anywhere, what do you think it is? and where may I find it?
Thanks so much ladies and gents!!
Class let this be an example of why it is bad to work 18-19 hour days!
Even the simplest of task are hard to execute.
SORRY here is the attachment


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This is driving me nuts too, now that I can finally see the image.
To me it looked a lot like the Gerber font Marker...close but no cigar.
I know I have this on my system somewhere but I can't find it for the life of me.
What The Font was of no help either....just like me!

Fred Weiss

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It can be purchased at Myfonts.com, Fonts.com, ITCFonts.com and a bunch of others. Or he may already have it and didn't know it.