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Newbie.......8th Year In Business.. New To This Forum....im Willing To Help Anyone I Can...i Also Do Wholesale Screenprinting To The Trade...plenty Of References....

"FAILURE Is Not An Option"


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Hi Keith,
thanks for including your name. Good luck with your merchant status here.

(you are going to scale back the size of your logo in your signature just a little bit right?)


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well it's 262 by 262 pixels now... if you made another version 162 by 162 (or whatever you wanted) ... then go to your profile & just upload it again.


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it's smaller now :Cool 2:

I would give you smaller vbersion a different name... then when you substitute the file on yopur signature, as soon as you see the new file name, you should have it taken care of.

(nice idea on that circle cropped avatar)


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first click on the tab at the top opf any signs101 screen that says "User CP" & once there, you will notice a number of links in the upper left corner. the top one is "edit signature"
(see first pic below)

Click on that, & you will see both a preview of what you currently have, & a display whatever you may have typed for a signature & the html, or vB code that was created for you when you first established your signature. (like the image and email tags shown in the screenshot of my signature. My guess is this is where you could delete the old image.
(see second pic below)

Then, at the bottom of that dialog box, you will see another box where you can upload another image, &/or bring up a preview of this, or any other typed changes you may have made in the upper box.


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Welcome from PA.

Don't sweat the big picture... it's like my Dad used to say to me.... Use your head, it's the little things in life that count.


Anyway, again... welcome to :signs101: