Hello All.. Another from PA

Steve G.

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Hey Everyone,
My name's Steve. I've been lurking for a while and It's time to intorduce myself.

I have a shop in central Pa. Been in business for 4 years.
I hand lettered growing up, but never got as good as I could have.
Went to the art institute in philly after high school (86-87)
Worked as a mehanic for a long time.
Got into vinyl application in the nineties, started learning corel in 96,
Bought a plotter and flexi in 01, built a shop in a building on my property, Quit my job in 03, and have been learning since.
Last year my wife joined the team.

I was a regular on another board for a while and have had the pleasure of meeting some folks from here, as well as learning a great deal from them and others.

I met Gino a while back, JillBeans (not in person yet), and Checkers has been a huge help to me and my business.

We've been doing most types of signs, and a lot of vehicles. I have two plotters, and outsource for digital prints, carved signs, use gemini, and have the means to fab stuff in house.

Was out of work for a while last year due to a flood, and it's been challenging getting back on track. Mostly just behind schedule for a long time now. (checkers was there to see that).

Anyhow, i enjoy all the posts here and appreciate the sharing, hopefully I'll be able to post more and contribute something.

Enjoy the snow today!!



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Hey Steve.... Welcome to :signs101:.

You'll really like this place. Even an old Fu.... **** like me is learning a whole lot.

Most of all, the people all are wonderful here and are very giving. No one makes you feel out of place except probably ME !!

Again, glad to see ya got here. :thumb:


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Hello and welcome to :signs101: from NJ

I don't know about the snow but it's a mess here with the ice, most in town without power.

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geeeezzzzz, another one to join in that big PA group hug. I'm jealous. We also had a flood but our home and shop was spared. It has been quit slow since then but business has finally picked up, it will for you too. Good luck and welcome.


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About time ya big galoot!
Are you still busier than a cat trying to cover crap on a marble floor?
I finally am too!


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Bonjour de Montréal, Steve :)

...from someone else who 'worked as a mechanic for a long time'! :)



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Hey Steve and welcome (finally)!
I'm sort of playing hookey and enjoying the snow day, but shoveling this crap ain't much fun. My snow blower is choking on it :(
Ya, that flood wasn't much fun and I apologize for having to cut and run on ya that day. But, I had to save my butt too. Steve's shop is the blue building in the picture below.
Once again, welcome and good to see ya here.



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And yet again , another welcome from the great, snow covered up to my as.... state of PA.

Hey checkers, I have to agree this stuff sucks. How much did you get down in Harrisburg? We have about 10-12 so far but more coming later today up here on the PA-NY border.


Steve G.

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Thanks All!

Yes Jill, still a busy fool... but still raising prices. I've been keeping tabs on you and see you're doing well. That's awesome!

Steve G.

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oh, here's our site, if anyone wants to have a look.
It's still under construction, and hasn't been updated in a while, but most of it's there
My wife, Nena did it.


Thanks again for the warm welcome.


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Hey Sean,
We're about 4-6" of snow under 2" of muck. There's now a 30% chance that more is on the way :(
I should have stayed on top of it overnight and it wouldn't have been so bad.
But, it will melt soon, right?!?! :)



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Welcome from TX... We too are receiving snow since 3am and its still coming down...