Hello dudes! I'm mafarka from italy!


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Hi dudes, i'm mafarka from italy, i bougth last week a GCC Jaguar III 61 cutting plotter to start my business with flock (i create illustrations and i print them on tshirt through the thermal(flock, flex, etc) or silkscreening process.

See you in the forum!

mafarka ^_^


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Bon giorno pisano..........

uno benvenuto caloroso a la familia.
Como pezzo....ehhh...como se dice.....stivale????
fogetta bout it......
what part of the boot are you from????


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Welcome to the best board on the net.:signs101: Sounds like an awsome machine. Junp right in and start posting. Monjah, Monjah.:Cool 2:


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thank you all!

ahahah Shovelhead you rock!!!

the slang word is "PAISANO" not "PISANO" (pisano is the inhabitant of Pisa...a beautiful city in Toscana country..near Florence)

I'm from Rome..center Italy (east cost of the boot ) ^_^


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I was going to use "Goomba".......

whick I believe is derived from "campare"....
but I don't think anyone outside of New York City would know that.


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BONA SARRRRA....from one italian to another...my moms family is from FLORENZA, they came here 1900.her name was VALDISARI............


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Sholvelhead: the slang word "paisano" or the abbreviative "paisà" means an inhabitant of the same your town. "compare" is right italian and means a great friend that is always with you (for example you've a friend called Fabio and you're in business with he so you can call him "compare"..but is a word used just a bit actually in italy)

OldPaint: buona sera to you! Florenza..where is exactly? yes valdisari is an italian surname! ^_^


Hello and welcome to the board. It's a great place and I hope you enjoy it as much as we all do.:Welcome: