Hello fr PA

I'm a newbie here and to the sign biz. Actually I do offset printing on the side and bought a plotter to go with the printing biz. So Hello to all.


Hello again from PA ................... PA has got to be filled up by now .... lol


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yet another hello to the forums from PA............... Looks like we may have more sign shops than any other state:) or is it :(
Thanks for the welcome!!! I hope I can contribute to this forum as well as gain some knowledge. If anyone has questions pertaining to commercial printing feel free to ask me and I will answere the best that I can.
Thanks again for the warm welcome. I use Flexi Sign Pro and Corel Draw for cutting vinyl. I use Adobe PageMaker for the offset printing as well as other supporting software. I have a Roland Camm 1 plotter, an AB Dick offset printing press and a Multigraphics printing press. My shop is small (in my basement actually) and I don't do alot of sign work. I offer it with the printing that i manage to sell. My shop is not my real job it's a sideline for extra money. My bread and butter is manufacturing printing ink for the purpose of printing cardboard boxes. Oh yeah... I can also do 1 color screen printing too. Thanks and hello to you all