Hello from Almost Heaven, West Virginia


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I'm Bob Hardbarger of Hardbarger Signs. My son, Bryan signed me up and
said I needed to be on here. So here I am. Always good to be a part of
something where brothers & sisters of the brush and general trade can voice what's on their minds. A somewhat veteran of the tade, 40 plus years and still learning, hope I can be considered an asset to the forum.


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Do you also poke badgers with a spoon? :Welcome:

Hey, only if I can get 'em to hold still for 20 seconds. Hey folks, thanks for the quick welcomes. I'm not real computer literate so forgive me if I don't respond when I should and so on. thanks again. It's great to be a
part of such a large family.


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Hello Bob, and greetings from the Great Pacific Northwest! I'm one of the "older" cats on here. Been in this darn trade since about '72. Seen pretty much everything new come in.


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Ya can't teach an old dog new tricks, hunh pop? hahaha

I knew I'd get you hooked on this site, I remember our first Letterheads in '90 at Letter Rip, We were giddy as school boys meeting all the guys we read about in Signcraft!

The funny thing is, we were in AWE of them, but meanwhile, they were outside taking pictures of OUR shop truck! We nearly fainted! hahahaha!

Welcome to :signs101: Dad!

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We are in Rural Retreat just south of Wytheville on I81 about 90 miles from Roanoke and 60 miles from Bristol VA..............Welcome


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Bonjour de Montréal, Bob :)


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Another welcome from PA.

Hey braveart, your Dad seems like a real nice guy.... he's nothing like you told us and led us to believe about on all those posts !!! LOL

Here's one waiting for ya both...:beer :beer :beer


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:Welcome: Bob - I have a great deal of respect for you Old-Timers !

Hopefully :signs101: can teach you some new technics . . .

And you can teach us folk all here at :signs101: some old technics too . . .

Good to have ya aboard !