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Hello, all I am new here to the forum. I am just starting my business, but I have worked in the sign(designing and viynl) as a paid intern here in PA. But it was a family business and they gave me the crappy jobs...so here I am gonna make my business bigger and better. So does anyone have any ideas how I can go and get business? How do I approach businesses?

I had an ad on a placemat in subway and got a few calls from that. And I have been mostly doing decals for fundraisers for soccer clubs.

Any Tips and tricks will be greatly appreciated..THANKS


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I have been mostly doing decals for fundraisers for soccer clubs

And these are what you call "good" jobs?
Yes they are one way to get your name out there, but also a good way to get you known as the "cheapie" guy in town.
I'd rather make more money with bigger jobs than have this type of work as my main menu.
Letter your vehicle, it is your best form of advertising.
Put a good-looking sign out front. That helps too.
And be sure to charge what your work is worth, and do what you say you'll do in a timely manner. That's worked for me for 22 years. And yes I still do signs for soccer/softball clubs. But I pick and choose my fundraisers with caution.


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Another PA welcome.

You might also go to community trade shows in your area, rub elbows with some local businesses and look around for establishments that have rickety old looking signs and give them your business card with a 10% discount if they use you yet this month or some other timeframe.

This is the best time of the year to start out on a new venture.

Good Luck................
:Welcome: from Georgia!

Tell everybody what you do, have a business card handy, drop by places that need new signs, join the Chamber of Commerce and network with them, letter your vehicle, get your name out there any way that you can.

Then, do quality work and have it ready when you say you will. Get customers and keep them--repeat business is the heart of my business. Make sure that you are charging what you are worth--and enough to provide the best quality materials for signs that will last.