Hello from wilmington ma

Matt H

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My name is Matt Hammond, I own pictureworks, a custom framing store in wilmington ma. We are a full service picture framing store, we also do some engraving, mostly flat pieces that fit under glass.

I bought a versacamm, having a lot of fun so far. My intentions are to offer some new services to my cutomers. Banners, t-shirt/garment printing, bumper stickers, photo enlargement, prints on canvas, and window and vehicle lettering and logos. So far so good, I have allready done several banners, a shirt job, truck lettering, and some photo enlargement I used to send out. I also have the ability to do signs and pop displays for my own store.

My favorite thing, and selling point for me buying the machine, was i can make my own signs to advertise all my new services.

I am joining hoping to learn as much as possible, and see were it goes.
I recently read that only three percent of people get things custom framed, so i figured adding more services can only help.

If any one needs to know anything about , framing, t shirt printing, or rotary engraving, I would be eager to answer any qustions you may have.



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You should join the premium section also, its great for letting the members learn more about your services.


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Hello from Chelmsford MA nice to have another new versacamm user close by, I have an
sp540 and daige laminator
Shoot me an email or PM and we can compare notes