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Hello ya'll, (I'm from Oklahoma so I could not resist.)
Well, I am excited to join your "family" so to speak. I found this place this morning and it is very addictive. The knowledge I have gained from all of your expertise just in one day is immense. So thank you.
Now to tell you a little about me. I am a partner in a computer store, and last July we needed a banner. We had a hard time getting that done locally in a reasonable time. Therefore, we bought a Roland Versacamm and printed it ourselves. We have yet to do any advertising and we are relatively busy with it. We have taken it slow to help weed out and correct our weaknesses, but we are about to move to a new location along I-40 and can't wait to see what the future holds.


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Wow…. When you want something you don’t hold back.

That’s like saying I couldn’t wait for a taxi, so I bought a frickin’ Airlines Company’ and flew first class….

Alrightie then….. welcome from PA

I’d like to talk to you about buying some other equipment….. I’ll tell you about it later………… spss, spss, spsssssss..................... :thumb:


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Seems kind of expensive to buy a Versacamm just to get a banner....
but welcome anyway.
Have you bought the Mike Stevens Mastering Layout book yet? Every new sign person should read it.

Craig Sjoquist

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welcome abroad to a great forum n a bunch of ppl have a good freind near Oklahoma city excellent sign painter
thank you n enjoy life


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Damn, Can't wait to see what happens when he needs a roll of vinyl and has wait for shipping, He might just buy 3M or one of the others!!!

Welcome aboard!
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