Help removing frosted vinyl.


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Hello All,

I need help removing some 3 year old, cheap frosted vinyl. I have 20 large windows to remove it from. 4 of the windows I have already removed were a newer and nicer frosted vinyl and came off in about 10 minutes per window. The other crap is taking about an hour per window.

I have been using a razor scraper and a heat gun which works, but makes a hell of a mess. I then have to apply adhesive remover to remove the remaining glue. I purchased a commercial steamer which I will try tomorrow, but it seems like there has got be some chemical that will destroy this crap and make it come off easy.

The biggest problem I am having is the fact that it breaks in small pieces and will take me hours. The windows are interior windows so the vinyl hasn't even been exposed to sunlight which make me question why it is so brittle. I am in Arizona and don't know if the lack of humidity has something to do with it.

I only charged $400 to get this done, which I realize isn't going to work out too well for me. My quote was slightly higher than Fast Signs and I can't imagine how they could do this for so cheap, unless they have some miracle remover.

Please help,



I would be real careful with the heat gun. A replacement glass will not be cheap. There is no "Fast & Easy" way. Swallow hard, scrape with fresh razor blades, use Rapid Remove and clean. Always "BY THE HOUR".


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Agree 100% with Bob.
No heat guns around windows, even if you are in AZ.
The cracked glass will be way more expensive to replace.
I will go as far as using a regular hair dryer, but not a heat gun.
That and a wide-bladed razor scraper with a decent handle.
Then the Rapid Remover for residue.
And do always charge an hourly fee.
Sometimes you get lucky, but most times you don't.
Not sure if a steamer would be safe with glass, but it might work.
I was also wondering about a pressure washer but that might crack the glass too.

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taking it off

Have taken a lot of etch vinyl from glass and this is all you need plus a lot of time and work. After you remove top part of etch vinyl (Avery cast is the hardest to remove) spray on glass cleaner and the glue will come right off with the razorblade. Just start at the bottom, it works better with your arms pushing up than going down, with the razorblade at a slight angle and remove to the top in one motion removing the vinyl the width of the blade and repeat process going from bottom to top right to left or viseversa. Larger width razorblades grab to much vinyl and it will not remove as smoothly. You can however use the larger razorblade in removing the glue residue.


Just scrape it off. If that doesn't work try spraying rapid remover on the TOP of the vinyl and letting it sit for a little bit, then Scrape. I noticed that if you spray it on the top of the vinyl it still breaks down the adhesive underneath.

BTW don't use a little *** razor blade like others are suggesting.


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If your in an office enviroment and start spraying adhesive remover all over the glass, the smell will have the hazmet team showing up and the glue gloop you have to clean up, not talking about the damage to the floor or rugs. Did'nt your mother read the tortoise & hare book to you as a kid. Like others have said either charge by the hour or if you have already given a price get it finished and you will know better next time in your pricing.


I would be real careful with the heat gun. A replacement glass will not be cheap. There is no "Fast & Easy" way. Swallow hard, scrape with fresh razor blades, use Rapid Remove and clean. Always "BY THE HOUR".



this is why I never go by a competitor shops quote,(thy mite be as clueless as me.) and I use HP Cast. you never know if your going to have to work on it.

not you Super I am just saying.



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I've never had to do this but i was just thinking, would putting laminate over the vinyl and removing the whole lot be feasible? I'm just thinking out loud here.


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Check out a window film supplier. Purchase a wide stainless blade and scraper. You just scrape the film right off, spray window with water or window cleaner and scrape off adhesive. Should only take a few minutes. No fancy chemicals, heat guns and such needed.


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one thing we have found that has really helped the times we had to strip out a few banks and shops like that was a light spray of water and detergent over the film. it seem to loosen the adhesive and it comes off in nice size pieces once you get it started. heat is still a must to do this.

1/ spray a mist over the vinyl

2/ one person on the heat guns

3/ second person to pull the film off

depending on the material used this can can quick or take the most part of a day

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I also live work in AZ (TEMPE) what I have great results with is the larger wider scraper "new blade" and just a water / soap solution. 1st scrape all vinyl leaving behind adhesive then spray adhesive and scrape just be carefull not gloop soggy adhesive on carpets or floors Good Luck


I've never had a major issue removing graphics from glass.... regardless of the material used.

lots of patience, and a solid rhythm is the only way.

personally, I have no need for fancy tools... just a straight edge blade, and a handle for it if I want to spoil myself. Slicing motion and a proper pull and you're good.... heat assist'd or not.

noted: if you're getting $20/window at a window/hour... you're not totally screwed, but you're not making profit either. Put on some headphones and speed it up if you wanna make money.... renting a steamer shouldn't have even been an option with your budget.