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Hi Everyone...


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Again, hi everyone…

I’ve heard of this site, but didn’t join until a friend told me more about it. So far it looks like a great place to find and share knowledge.

Been in the trade since the late 60’s, but still learning a lot.

Wall-doggin’ and paint under the fingernails are now behind me, so I’m getting more into these new fangled computers. It’s a whole lot more safer than stepping back off your stage and spell-checking your work at sixty feet. Anyway, we have a few computers in the shop, but I still can’t find the ‘Hit Any Key’ every time that blue screen comes up.

Like I said, feels nice to be here.



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Welcome Gene!

Yo, Gino, my bro-o'-the-brush-turned-squeegee-wielding-maniac !

:Welcome: .....you already know where I'm coming from, and it's more than just 3000 miles away! hehe. :tongue: Just pull up a chair, grab a cup, and sit....this is just our kind of place. :Coffee:



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Welcome to the group. There are alot of us here that are self taught computer freeks. It just seems to be the way the water flows. Welcome!


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Thanks. I see a lot happening already; just don’t know where to start. Talk to ya all later.


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Greetings! this is the place to find the answers to all of your questions. Although you gotta watch out for OP and his surprise threads! LOL!