hi from alberta


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dallas here! I made my first sign for a 'very exclusive' summer camp (my girlfriends & I) when I was about 10 (the 'KEEP OUT' sign on my bedroom door excluded) and have always harboured the desire to become a 'real' sign maker. I initially thought I wanted to make v-carved signs gilded with gold but having recently attended Sawatzky's Sign Magic Workshop (what an amazing experience that was!), well, now my head is buzzing with grander, three dimensional ideas. :smile:

I joined Signs101 to learn all I can about CNC routers & the sign business in general, hopefully one day I will be able to contribute something back??

looking forward to this!

grampa dan

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We enjoyed seeing you at our Sign Magic Workshop. I could see the wheels turning while you were there... hopefully there was lots you can use down the road. If you need more info on specific questions feel free to ask.



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Welcome neighbour (that's the way we spell it around here). Where in Alberta are you from?

Haven't taken Dan Sawatzky's workshop - yet - but it's on the agenda. Hoping to get in on the March 2010 workshop. I did take Larry Wahn's hand carving course at the Banff Sign Shop though and I've done a few hand carved signs since although not as many as I would like.

One other workshop on the agenda is Noel Weber's gold gilding workshop in Boise Idaho. Just missed getting in on the one he ran this fall.

Anyhow..., lots of luck with your sign making venture. There's lots to learn but it can be a very rewarding career path.