Hi from the south, (the deep south) and Decal questions

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Hi all
Couldn't get deep south for a user name so had to settle for deep six. I have some questions I hope someone can answer.

I run a small specialist web based business supplying aftermarket and reproduction parts for old honda ATCs, my site is www.atcheaven.com

I want to re-produce decals as fitted to Honda motorcycle tanks and various other locations. I need to know what is the best method of reproducing these, my options as far as I know are:

inkjet printing,
thermal printing or
screen printing.

I recently purchased one of those nasty chinese vinyl cutters, mainly because I just couldn't afford a cutter-printer and I figured I could get some good practice with the cutter.

Realising that the old decals were all made using screen print I also purchased a small screen print outfit but after studying this I find it is just too time consuming to print out decals with this, considering multi colour decals need multiple passes on the screen and with my small screen that would require several screens.

So what I would like to know is what the best machine is to make decals on, any suggestions would be much appreciated.


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Howdee from VA............

I would look into a Edge printer and a matching cutter setup...... That will be most likely the setup you need to do the smaller decals with.......


Second the Gerber Edge/cutter combo- but it is fairly expensive- you might
want to farm the decals out for a while. Are you not concerned about Honda
looking askance at producing there decals? Gene

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yes welcome to a great forum n bunch of ppl ...... ouch .think it would be wise to use what ya got at 1st n find ways to earn big bucks till you get proper equipment
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Keep in mind that for plastic parts you will need vinyl with adhesive formulated for it. The standard vinyl doesn't stick to plastics like the kind used for gas tanks on dirt bikes.
Farm it out until you get a good feel for yooour market. There are a few wholesalers on this site that can help you out. I'm not one of them....lol
Welcome from Oklahoma!

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Wow, that has to be the best welcome I have ever got from any forum, thanks very much to all of you for making me feel at home.

As mentioned I'm from the deep south, probably a little deeper than you were thinking. Home is a place called Newcastle in the state of New South Wales, Australia. :Australia

Newcastle is famous for being the largest Coal exporter in the world and proudly contributing to greenhouse gasses and global warming.:smile::smile:

Thanks for all your suggestions, really appreciate the feedback


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Welcome to THE BIG SHOW ! Deep [south] Six . . .

Edge Printer/Cutter combo as stated above would be a good option !