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Hello Everyone,

About Me
I'm Roger Kiefer, owner of the newly formed Innovative Designs, LLC. I started designing a building my own personal 4-axis (4' X 4') CNC machine about a year ago for hobby purposes. After creating yard art, engravings, signs for my other businesses, signs for my friends companies, and now doing CNC contract work for sign companies. This machine has brought me a world of new opportunities so I decided to start a design, manufacturing, and fabrication company.

Sign Building
My experience with sign building is limited an much of my knowledge is acquired is based on the "learn as you go" premise with using the resources available such as this forum. So my apologies if I ask any naive questions.

CNC Machine Manufacturing
I noticed a nitch in the market for providing hobbyists, sign companies, wood workers, fabricators, retailers, etc with affordable, accurate, reliable, quality CNC machines. To me these machines are the start of a new wave of innovations and designs. So I purchased the website which will be deployed by Mid-July and have all the details on the CNC product.

So my recent endeavor is focused on providing 3 lead screw driven CNC machines to the public. Names, logos, and marketing plans are being finalized and I don’t want to leak out to much until I 100% ready for deployment and advertising. I’m targeting <$1500 dollars for a full operational, upto 1000ipm, 2X2 cutting area, accuracy of less than 0.003". Same will be developed in a 4X4 model, 4.1 X 8.1 model at different price points. These units will also be leased as a reduced rate to prove that insourcing this jobs in much more cost effective and feasible than you may think.

My products are being designed with all aspects of quality, reliability, electrical/mechanical function, six sigma, and lean principles applied. Additionally we are combining the best of products like Rocklers Shark, DIY models, and industrial CNC machines to develop our products.

We are designing, fabricating, manufacturing, distributing, selling, and servicing our products to keep costs as low as possible and have full control or these products.


Roger Kiefer II
Welcome from another Okie - I run a 4'x4' 4axis CNC myself (her name is Phoebe)- I'm really curious to see how you manage to put together a sub $1500 machine and leave some room for profit... not that I doubt you, I would seriously be impressed and look forward to your solution.
Helllo Neighbor & Welcome!

Give me a shout when you get up and running, I'm not far and I've been thinking about adding a CNC to my assets.