Is this an actual font?

Conor Knoxx

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Two fonts here actually - the "Racing" one, I'm pretty sure is an actual font, I just don't know what it is - if anyone recognizes it?

Second one, the tomasi - not sure if this is an actual font, or some custom work?
Anyone recognize it?

Thanks in advance for any help on this!


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No idea on the first one. I usually use just that racing part which i got from brands of the world...


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just had the same thing in a few weeks back for the racing one....couldn't find it anywhere....i ended up doing a rough trace to show as a sketch and then a clean version for the tees we printed..


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Although it reminds me of the alphabets of Bob Behounek, (Sign DNA) I do not think it is a font.

Joe Diaz

Although it reminds me of the alphabets of Bob Behounek, (Sign DNA) I do not think it is a font.

I thought that at first too.

Letterhead Fonts Stanford Script isn't exactly the same but it could pass. At least it's an easy starting point if you wanted to edit it to make an exact match.


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I had the same problem last week, I looked in my fonts package and in several websites and couldnt find it. I end up re-drawing it. So I have it in vector now (just the racing word) if you need it I can email to you.

Conor Knoxx

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wow, folks sure are fast when it comes to fonts, lol!

as far as the "racing" goes - while this particular one just needs the word "racing" - I was hoping to find a close (not exact) font as I have other customers that use a very similar font in a few other things (now that I think about it.. they are all involved in racing too :tongue: )

I didn't think of looking in the clipart books for some hand-lettered fonts, that just might be the ticket!

Thanks Shovel, for the Revue tip - I'll go check that out now.
and thanks to you as well GeneralJR, very generous! - I may take you up on that yet! (I'd like to see what I can find first..)

Conor Knoxx

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yep, you were all dead-on on that one.
The "racing" from pontiac was an exact match.

I'd still like to find a similar font though.
Thanks again for the help.
heh.. still can't get over how fast Shovel knew that "revue" either... :U Rock: