Kia Ora from the bottom of the world


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Hi all

I'm here to try and quench my seemingly bottomless thirst for knowledge.

My wife Kim and I have recently set up a wee business making wall decals with a twist. For some reason I thought it was all going to be easy.

6 months in I now know better. We leased a printer to make sure the idea was going to fly and I set to work learning to use it and mastering PS and Illy. I'm loving it. Just brought a new VP300

I have a background in the Film, Clothing and Construction industries. Kim is a professional artist. We've got a small tribe of children plus sundry animals. We live by the beach in sunny Napier on the east coast of the North Island of New Zealand.

We both love to travel and it was actually while traveling the backroads from Chicago to San Fran (via Texas) that we came up with the idea.

The main thing I've learnt in the last 6 months is that I don't know much.

I'm hoping to pick up some knowledge and save myself some time and money and maybe there's a trick or two I've learnt that I can pass on to someone here.

Strictly speaking I'm not a Sign professional but I do use the same equipment and software as many of you, so I hope you all don't mind me lurking around and asking stupid questions occasionally.



Dave Drane

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:AustraliaAnd another welcome from Down-Under across thew pond. just stay in NZ because there aint no spare work ove here!!


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Thanks all

Shovelhead - Aussie and NZ are about 1800km (1000 miles?) apart. About a 3 hour flight.

Its a given that an Aussie will try to give a Kiwi lip and vice versa. Similar to the US/Canada relationship.

Lots of people from here move over to Aussie as there are a lot more opportunities over there. NZ only has 4 million people vs Aussie 20 million

I like Aussie except there are too many Aussies there, other than that its a very beautiful country. :clapping:


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Although I am a little mad because the sunny is giving it's happiness to your
part of the world right now, and not mine!