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Laboring on Labor Day - what y'all doing??


Just Me
Since we've been down all week I've got no choice but to come in and run the cutter today to catch up. So how many of you are stuck working or do you have great grilling plans for the day? C'mon make me jealous with all the fun you'll be having while I'm stuck here at the office!


New Member
I'll be at the office this afternoon trying to plan the rest of the week and get some paperwork done. This is the only time I can get some piece and quiet at the office. Hopefully the phone won't be ringing off the hook. I need to get a life outside of work.


New Member
Working all day today since i have a rush job (4 double sided MDO signs installed in ground) for tomorow. Thats ok .. I'm taking my "summer" holiday this thursday and friday :beer

SignMan Sez

New Member
Working on a 4' X 10' aluminum sign for a welding shop. Built the frame yesterday afternoon, and painting in the blended logo today.
We're also doing respite care for another foster family this holiday weekend. Counting our eight (four adopted, four foster) and their four, we have a dozen children in our home!


New Member
Printing 2 rush jobs and running a few laser jobs. Maybe grilling later (much). and a beer or 2 :beer :beer :beer well 3


New Member
well, Saturday I had my employee help out & we loaded up for an install, but then procrastinated a little bit, then got distracted a bit & started the prep for a new directory going up in my own building... & when we had succeeded in waiting until there was not enough time left for our install.. we went & set up 2 extension ladders with ladder jacks & a scaffold plank. Once we got the old sign down we discovered our situation required some rethinking of our install plans. Started getting some rain just as it was getting dark & I was putting the last few screws into the backing board. Thankfully the rain stopped, so the 3 pc. MDO sign went up in the dark just fine thanks to some moonlight on the sign & an interior light the client had on inside the double glass doors we were installing over that helped see to pre-drill & countersink all our mounting screws into our signs border. We just left the final touch-up painting of the screwheads for another day. (Right as we took down the last ladder, we noticed the light inside must have been set to go off at 8:30. Perfect timing)

Sunday I took it easy for most of the afternoon... but then I desided to go finish the demolition job removing 50 PVC directory plaques & 50 plywoord spacer boards. The stepladder wasn't easy to stabalize on the extremely sloaped terrain, with all the planting at the base of the concrete pylon... but I got it set good enough to feel safe... until the sprinklers timer said it was time to water my feet. But I managed to get it done by dark & then I decided to hook a half dozen extension cords together to get my pressure washer & a work light out there & remove 10 years worth of grime off the pylon so it would be ready for a coat of paint today.

So, I'll be working today too. It will be nice to get most of the work on my building directory done when nobody else is around though.


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Getting ready for another Fantasy Football Draft then cleaning dually truck inside and out. I will go have dinner with parents and kids later this evening before I end up back here to read more of your comments.


New Member
In the shop working all day and night. Shut down for the week to move last week. So now I have a lot to get done. I'll be here most of the day and then go home Grill with the wife and then back to the shop nice and early.:beer

The Big Squeegee

Long Time Member
I'm busy making Squeegees so I don't get behind during this short sale for Labor Day. Looks like tomarrow is going to be a big shipping day so I need to get a lot done today.

Mrs. Uneedasign

New Member
We our taking the day off!!! Unheard of around here,but much needed as we have been working almost all the weekends over the last 2 years. The husband was on ladders all day yesterday,hot and humid.Put up a big sign back lit 14 feet of vinyl 2 layers 2 lines of text. The funny thing is we don't know what to do with ourselves, ha ha.I think sometimes you need to re-charge your batteries in this kind of work.Have a good holiday everyone.


Just Me
I have a new appreciation for what Tia does - I would hate to have to run this cutter all the time!!! Jeff and Robbie (our son) are at the other shop printing shirts so Tia's the only one that got the day off. We'll make her pay for it tomorrow :smile:


New Member
Just finished cleaning up from the 10+ inches of rain Ernesto dumped on us friday. Had 4 inches or so of water in parts of the shop and lots of leaves, branches and pine needles everywhere else. Got lucky we kept our power on but much of the area around me got it back today. Now I need a rest.
:beer Think I'll just fix a drink!


New Member
Worked in the yard quite a bit, and cleaned the garage to the point I can now fit my motorcycle AND my car!!! (I am excited!!!) :Big Laugh

I also fished, went boating and rode my motorcycle quite a bit as well...
Boy was the weather beautiful!! (At least here in the Midwest...)
All and all it was a wonderful weekend!! (Was sorry to see it end.)