New from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada


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Hi all. I am so glad i found this place and i am hoping that i can learn from the masters. I bought a printer. I honestly think i went over kill on it but that will be decided later on. I have some experience with normal printers but the wide format printer is a bit daunting for me but i am a quick study and hope i don't aggravate peeps asking to many nub questions. Mostly i want to print canvas art and stickers but already family and friends want posters so i shall see. As my profile states i do PC repair and networking but this has been something i have been interested in for a while. I cant wait to get my feet wet. I am using corel Photoshop for now but want to explore some options for large printing so i will be asking a lot of questions and of course using the search features on the forums for research.

Glad to be here though. and expect me to participate as much as possible.:thankyou: