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Air Art Girl

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Wow!! What a great site.
I am here to learn and help teach what I can. I am an airbrush artist and have not yet airbrushed on vinyl. I am hoping to hear tips and tricks so I can start experimenting.
I have approximately 50 or so airbrushes. I prefer Badger/Thayer Chandler brushes because they offer so many different choices for whatever medium I am using. I am Badger's consultant to the beauty industry (don't ask!) since I got my start airbrushing in that industry becoming a top international competitior with my art skills and used their equipment.
My latest job was taking a crew of 6 to airbrush makeup on 150 people for the Macy's Holiday Parade in Seattle. This was my 10th year doing this job.
I have been in the sign/trophy & award business for the last year and love it.
Looking forward to improving my skills with your help.

Air Art Girl

"A mind once stretched by the imagination never regains it's original form"
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Air Art Girl

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Hey Flame Master, I see you are closer to where I grew up in Portland. Do you know Mike Lavelle of KillerPaint? I've never met him but admire his awesome flame and airbrush skills.


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ah yes, Portland... I use to hitch hike up there to sell crafts under the Burnside bridge.

Mike just got some more air time (as in TV air) on Miami ink AND Overhaulin' last week. Yep, that guy is incredible!


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I don't know Mike personally, but I do admire his work. Good stuff.

I used to be into airbrushing, but just don't find time for it anymore. It's how I started though. Nothing like a good ole' Badger airbrush, a half dozen cans of House of Kolor paint, and a blank white helmet.

Now it's a half dozen 220ml cartridges of eco-sol ink, 500 yd. of white vinyl, and a $25,000 of pain in the butt equipment.......


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Welcome! I am not an airbrusher but I do indeed know about Mike Lavalle! I am a big automotive nut and have seen his work many times on automotive shows on tv such as Rides & Overhaulin on TLC. His "real flames" are incredible!