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I could use some opinions please and thanks.


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Ohh and before I get the haters who can't be pleased, the customers wanted the "Spencer County" in a nice cursive font and the "Hospice" in a more bold font along with the phone number. They also had to have a nice sized Dove in the sign also.


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OK, I won't critque the layout, since you already stated that the fonts and image are set, other than that you're just shuffling things around.
But I will criticize a phone number on a sign like this. Do they think someones going to drive by and say. "Oh look just what I need today, a place to die in peace, I'll pull over and write down the number right now so I can call them later."


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I would move the Spencer to the left, and I agree that Hospice looks crowded and stretched. Phone # is probably not necessary but if they insist...whatever. Nice to see what is going on at the other end of the county anyway!

You will get better critiques if you let the wolves attack. It may get ugly but you will get great ideas from some of the most creative people in the biz.


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First of all, that’s not a ‘Cursive’ font. It’s an italicized font. Big difference. I think they want a connecting script, not something where you’re kerning looks so out of place.

The bird should have a fill to it. It looks hungry with nothing in it.

‘Hospice’ is stretched much too far.

The phone does not belong on something like that….. maybe a pizza shop or Chinese take-out but not this.

Can you work with the size requirements at all ??

Was that sweet enough for you ?? :loveya:


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NEVER EVER kern a "cursive" style font like that. Cursive has a beginning and an end . A font is only a replica of what is or has been done by hand. This font style does not allow this.

You have an italicised font.

Change the font to one that has the lead in and lead out to the next character. The font you have currently fails this test.

Cheers - G
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Gino said:
First of all, that’s not a ‘Cursive’ font. It’s an italicized font. Big difference. I think they want a connecting script, not something where you’re kerning looks so out of place.


...couldn't resist :p

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Ok thanks everyone for the pointers and I'm just now getting started in designing signs so I hope I'm on the right track. You guys did make some valid points especially about how Hospice looks crowded. I tried to use a filled dove on the sign but it looked overpowering and overtook the entire sign. Now I originally wanted the phone number not on there, but they insisted. Ohh and to Coloradosigns never once did I say not to critique my work, but I rather not hear negative thoughts from people who CAN'T ever be please and never give good critique on the other layouts that I've seen on this particular forum. Overall I really appreciate everyone for your very helpful constructive criticism.


Try to prioritize your copy in order of importance. Pay attention to negative space and contrast, all of the subtle things.

Edited to add: I agree with the others on the phone number. Not really the place to have it. There's an art to convincing the client to listen to your better judgement.


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Signmaniac took your idea, which wasn't too pretty (agrees with every comment here) and made it have a flow and a sense of balance.
Notice how HOSPICE has top priority, and everything else reads smoothly.