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I'm a graphic designer for a zoo and we have a minimal vinyl sign setup. This seems like a good site for info. Looking forward to visiting with ya'll.


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Not a strange combo......

I am a taxidermist also as well as a graphic designer.
I had the privelige of helping to tan and prepare a Snow Leopard skeleton for our local zoo.
How does this relate to signs?
It doesn't.
:cool1: :thankyou: :Welcome:


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Welcome back!

Thanks for the nice welcome, from the northeast! A big southern Hi ya'll to you.


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From One Sutherner to Anuther

:Welcome: to :signs101: ,

I think you'll be able to get any sign questions you might have answered here.

--William Bass


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Hi Elise, Welcome from N.C. and an old timer who got started in this crazy business in a little town named Houma, Louisana in 1960. Small world huh?


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Welcome Elise, Zoo signage can be fun. The company I worked at designed signage and wayfinding systems for Los Angeles Zoo and Santa Ana Zoo....well, it looked like fun until production and copyrighting time. Looking forward to your participation.