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New to Site, Hello all!


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Hi folks, I've been "doin" signs for the past 10 years out of my refurbished corncrib, hence the name Cribworks Signs & Stuff. I'm located in the Northern Illinois community of Winnebago. It's just a hair bigger than a motorhome.

I've been a printer for 26 years and this just sorta sprung from there.
I stick to the basic stuff and have done quite well at it over the years. I'm continuously amazed at how many sign shops are out there, yet when I talk to a potential customer they act like they didn't know any existed!

I don't do any blasting or airbrush work, though I'd love to learn it. That's the main reason I'm here - to learn.

First up is to redesign my name/logo. I'm not losing the Cribworks part,as it's pretty well known in the area, but I think it would better serve me to emphasize the Signs & Stuff more prominently than the name so it will read more like Signs & Stuff by Cribworks. Maybe then ladies won't stop me and ask if I can refurbish their old babycrib!
Let me know what you think.

Lookin forward to learning more and sharing my knowledge of the sign biz.


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