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Do you guys feel like you are getting anything in terms of projects or work out of your social media?

I just spent the last two days putting together FB pages for my companies and am wondering how you all feel about it.

Every indication is it would work and it certainly makes sense... But???

Jon Aston or Dan A or any other web/marketing gurus got any input on what will make your Facebook page popular?

Once thing I like so far is that it is much easier to update the galleries and projects. Wish the pages where customizable in terms of colors and graphics, would be total package.


Jon Aston

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I can't teach you what you need to learn about social media marketing in the space of one post. I've been meaning to put together a webinar series for Signs101'ers on the subject... but client work (which I am grateful for, don't get me wrong) keeps getting in the way.

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc... are just tools. They're great (and necessary) tools, but still just tools - for networking and for propagating "Word of Mouth" (good, or bad) about your company and the services you provide. They work best - and therefore must also be seen as - a part of an overall web marketing strategy.

So, if you want to get the most out of tools like your new Facebook Page...

  1. Know, or learn how to network effectively. "How to Win Friends and Influence People" (Dale Carnegie, 1936) is a great start (and an enjoyable read).
  2. Consistently wow customers with a terrific buying experience, and - when you do - ask them to become a fan (and to share their great experience with others)... to do it consistently, you need systems/processes.
  3. Have a website/blog hybrid that offers real value and is optimized for lead generation... using calls to action, a/b testing, and Google Analytics, etc.
  4. Integrate with email marketing to close the loop, nurturing prospects and growing customers by keeping them engaged.
As for tactical "tips and tricks" for optimizing Facebook pages... Not to be coy, but unless you've got 3 out of 4 of the above working for you... I think you should be focusing your attention elsewhere. I can help with all four (and with your social media marketing), BTW. It's what I do.

Hope that helps... at least a little.
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Dan Antonelli

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It's all about keeping your name in front of people in a way thats educational and useful to the 'fans', as well as promoting your best work and services. Out of sight - out of mind.

Just have to mindful about being annoying, or not posting things relevant.

I'm a fan too, of your new page :)

Jon Aston

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Thanks for the compliments and thanks above.

One of the most powerful things about social media is that it gives your customers a voice. Be sure to give them something great to talk about.