Print Head Cleaning Swabs can buy those from an industrial cleaning company, they come in bags of 1,000 and there very cheap in price. We buy the bigger foam heads for $45.00 a 1,000

P Wagner

Please provide a link...that is quite inexpensive if they are the right type of foam swab.



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The ones I posted are very good for cleaning around the print head on Mutoh printers and the capping station. They have a nice long handle. I have some of the bigger ones I use on the wiper.


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I really prefer the larger swabs. Bobby's link comes in at around 21 cents each. We get ours from Feller's at 22 cents each ($11 for a 50 pack). It's a bit more convenient for me to order from Feller's because we order other items from them and because shipping is free. Either way, this is a minute price for such a crucial link in the maintenance chain.


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Your original larger head swabs are what we're after ! ! ! . . . Best Price Wins !

My post was NOT for the best price, it WAS for the type of swab. As I stated, these are very good for cleaning the Mutoh print heads. Sometimes you have to pay more for the correct product you need.

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I use those larger ones on my T-jet. Will definately be doing some price shopping. Thanks for the links, but Chicago, where's your link??? Waiting patiently.