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I'm looking for some help on the layout for the front window of a printing shop.
I've attached a few layouts below and would appreciate any input/help/suggestions anyone can offer.

The dividers between the windows stick out about 2 inches so I know that is going to be a bit of a pain.

The company logo is red and will be put on the backlit sign above the windows. Should I outline the white text with red to make it stand out more?

Should I not put anything on the windows and just do some posters inside the window instead like in the last sample?

Those blinds on the right are always close and there are no blinds on the windows on the left. Should I suggest they change those old/dirty looking blinds in the windows?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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I like the middle suggestion with the red.
You might want to get new red blinds and letter those windows in white, then use the poster idea to show the shop's capabilities.
These could also be changed seasonally or for special sales.
I would not stretch the text across the windows.


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#2 or #3 with the red bands looks the best. you can combine them with the poster idea and it will look nice. the versions with lettering across the windows looks awful. you have nice windows, broken out into nice panels so use them as that and don't try to make them something they aren't, one big window


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ok, same question I'd ask the customer... Who is your target? Is this a plaza with heavy parking area traffic or on the main strip and you want to attract people from the main road? Is that even possible because it's too far off the road? Like this, it just sounds like they wanna spend some money. There needs to be a goal here or it's a waste of time and money.


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Thanks everyone for the reply's.
I'm leaning more towards #2 or #3 and then using some poster type signage hanging inside the building facing out....maybe #2 with the red bars at the bottom of the window since the posters will be hanging from the top.

It is a plaza (end unit) with an insurance company, delivery service and variety store also located in the plaza....lots of parking and not far from the main downtown road. Right beside the plaza is a Boston Pizza and directly behind the plaza is a Staples type store.
They get a lot of people coming in saying "I didn't even know you guys were here...if I did I would never go out back to that place". They rely heavily on customer service and word of mouth and would like to "up" their curb appeal a bit. They are considering renting one of those mobile sign things as well to have out by the road.


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Ok, well in that case I like #3, so the words can be read when cars are parked there. You could even use the list from #4 but put them in red if they want to keep the white blinds. But Marlene's right, definitely make use of the nice "panels" provided instead of trying to make something fit or work. Like Jill said, the posters will be great for curb appeal and pushing items customers may not already realize they do and a source of further income for you :)
We just covered our shop windows in window perf a few weeks ago and I love it. It also keeps the office cooler as the sun sets on our window side. Good luck!


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Do they do outdoor posters? If not, those puppies may fade pretty quick depending on the sun (not that we have that problem here).:smile:


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Obviously, like most poeple they want to spend as little as possible but at the same time they want to do what needs to be done to attract new business.

It's a new owner who has just recently purchased the business (within the last month or 2). The business itself has been there in the same location for close to 20 years now. The previous owner had been an "absent" owner for the previous 6 years (had 2 kids and is just finished battling breast cancer). Over those 6 years there was basically no advertising done at all to attract new business.

The new owner would like to raise awareness that there is still a printing company there...he would like to attract the attention of potential customers who might be heading into the "Big Box Store" located behind him.

Do you have any suggestions on what can be done to turn it into an "advertising extravaganza" without it looking too tacky or over the top?

Thanks again for the help


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As far as eye appeal goes the red is the most striking...yet it is still basic. Listing services on a window doesn't really mean its going to bring in traffic. Have you identified their budget? As cheap as possible might be more than you think and allow you to get more creative with the space. You need to strike a chord with the decision maker to find value in something that is more dynamic. If they see value in shouldn't be an option. Find a picture of something similar that you would get them to see your thoughts. Be ready with an estimate to show how cost effective it can be. I mean if they are considering covering the entire area with all that cut vinyl then the price for full color window perf isn't too far away either.
I like the red with white...maybe try angling the graphic across the windows'll give you a bit of a larger letter and will be visible from a further away. Window perf is a fantasitc idea for this project too.

Our family has an office supply store in our hometown and we do quick printing type services too...we did an angled look like I'm suggesting a (it's not there anymore) but it did bring us a lot of walk in photocopy and binding business. My husband and I will be taking over this business soon and the first thing I'm doing is puting those decals back up!!



Active Member I just have to come up with something that looks nice and is eye

Any suggestions anyone?


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I have a similar entrance to do. It's 2 doors with 3 foot windows on either side. There's also a top window. I plan on covering the entire frame with perf (other than the outline box).

The pic will be a sunset with a giant solar panel at the bottom.

There's another identical set of windows & doors about 6 feet behind the first (an empty entrance) where I'm going to lay an identical picture. On the floor the solar panel will connect the 2 doors. I expect it to look quite 3D.


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LOL truth be told, I have 3 huge windows split in thirds in my lobby to come up with something for, myself. I'm interested to see where this goes...


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should it be something that focuses on what the business does like what Chiproller posted above or should it be something that kind of has nothing to do with the actual business but is eye catching...more along the lines of what wrapswrapswraps is talking about?