SignSpring by Lind

Recent visits by outdoor and sign industry veterans resulted in their amazement.
See for yourself on the video below.
<span style="color:#000000;"><span style="font-size: 14pt; text-decoration: underline;">[video=youtube;6YfEz0iThDI];[/video]

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While this is a clever way of installing a sign on a wall. What are some of the advantages of this system ??

For instance, if you're doing a sign like this with so much hardware and accurate measuring, wouldn't it benefit the end user to have a rigid sign made that will last much longer ??
If you're up in the air on ladders, bucket or whatever, won't the installation be a little hard to do ?? Now you'll need proper equipment, insurance and so forth and more people.
Just curious. I need more than watching a video to convince me on a venture like this. :thankyou:

As I watched some of you larger instals, it appears, you don't use the same technique. I guess you somehow pre-decide where your holes are gonna be, so you can change them out, so in that case, I can see it, but just an ordinary 7oz. banner just doesn't make sense.


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I actually have a job right now where I want to put a couple springs on the bottom pole pocket of an install so it has a little give, but these aren't strong enough.
But I like the concept, instead of bungees.