Some of you are probably sick of seeing this design by now...

Joe Diaz

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... so I apologize, but I've been hired to take this design to the next level and create a whole brand out of it. So far here are the bottles. It's hard to see in the photos, but these were printed on a Roland with the metallic inks. It's cool in person because the gears and other things that are supposed to look metallic really shine when the light hits it a certain way.








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...what next level...?...the labelling is awesome!!!!!!!!!...can't really improve on perfection can you.....?


Joe Diaz

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What's the beer taste like Joe? Are you making your own, or is someone else making it?
It's only a design at this point in time. We do home brew, and I suppose we could bottle one of our beers in these bottles, but the brand is still a fictitious one. However, we have created a small menu for this microbrewery/restaurant and the description we came up with for Stella's Premium Lager is:

...our flagship beer. This full-flavoured golden pilsener has a bit more bite than most mainstream lagers. Legend has it that only the man who could brew a fuller, better tasting beer would win Stella’s hand in
marriage. To this day no man has created a better beer, and therefore no man has stolen Stella’s heart.


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looks great on the bottle! no matter how we start a design it always looks best when implicated


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Unreal it. Wish I could get customers to understand the importance of a "brand" when they do stuff instead of opening up power point and letting their 12 year old create it for them when they "start a new business".